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What Is A VST?

So.. What actually is a VST?

A VST is like an all-in-one instrument on your computer.

There are all kinds of companies, and most are pretty similar in how they work, but in the end, they are programs you bring into your music program to create music.

Rather than having to record a live piano, which may have a few off-timed notes, MIDI allows for perfect placement of the note, plus is really easy to change the note played!

Different Companies Competing

Just like anything in life, all companies products in that category are similar, but they try to add cool features on to set them apart. Such as how it looks, cool effects on the VST, or the possibilities of routing the VST easier.

Different Kinds of VSTs

Beatstruggles - reFX Nexus 2

Now there’s a bunch of different kinds of VSTs, but this is getting into sound design, and synthesis.

By understanding this, you will understand what kind of VST you are using. There are some VSTs where the company makes the sounds, and allows you little access to do sound design, although it’s still possible, such as Nexus 2.

Sylenth1 - Front

But then there’s other VSTs, such as Sylenth1, that allow for you to create your own VST from scratch. If you go to the default/init (initial) setting, now you can simply choose different wave forms, play with the detune, envelope settings, and now you are creating your own sounds!

So there are a bunch of different types of VSTs, and again, this is to do with synthesis.

Answer the Question of “What is a VST?

Simply put, a VST is a piece of software that you can either download for free, or purchase from companies, that you bring into your music program. You select a sound, hit record, and now you can move around your MIDI notes for easy correction of mistakes, or get creative by adding in new ones!

Nowadays, a VST and a MIDI keyboard is probably the best solution when it comes to making beats, unless you like to play live piano, or guitar. Live instruments still have their part, and sound wonderful if the right notes are hit ;).



GratuiTous runs a FL Studio training platform, and has taught beatmaking with FL Studio since 2011! He was an electrician for 10 years in Canada, and loves learning best practices of beatmaking! Learn about GratuiTous. ๐Ÿ‘‰
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