Hey, just reached this little achievement of 11 years with WordPress!

For those that don’t know, WordPress is what powers this website.

And just like when it comes to music production using “plugins”, so does WordPress.

So when I say, be careful with the plugins you select, I really know what I’m talking about from experience.

The thing is.. the plugin may work great today, but on a future update of the DAW, it may not. So just be cautious of the tools you’re bringing in, and if they’re fully necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend third-party plugins, but just make sure you get high-quality ones, because they are powerful and intuitive, not just because you saw it in a video.

itsGratuiTous.com has been blogging with WordPress for 11 Years (Nov, 2022!)
It’s been an amazing 11 years.. I have learnt so much and it’s all thanks to WordPress, WooCommerce, and of course, FL Studio.