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Terms and Conditions

Pages you must understand:

If you do not agree with any of the terms or conditions, please refrain from using this website.

GratuiTous, GratuiTous’ website, or Website may be used to refer this website, itsGratuiTous.com

GratuiTous reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time without notice.

GratuiTous expects that you’ve read these terms and conditions prior to using its website.  itsGratuiTous.com will not be liable for any harm to you, or your assets, from using this website.


You agree that you will use your account as intended such uses.

The following is not tolerated, and you agree your account will immediately be terminated, with no refund, if caught in such acts:

  • Shared accounts.  You are only allowed one account per person.
  • Downloading content from the membership. The membership only allows streaming of videos, you do not gain access to the download of the course.
  • Making the courses and membership resources available to the public.
  • Tampering with your account to find bugs for malicious intent.
  • Disrespecting other users or bullying. (This is a safe environment to accelerate as a music producer.)

Members understand that their account is licensed to them.

The license grants them the right to sign in, watch access their purchases, track their course progression, use the forum to ask questions.

You understand and agree that you do not own any content within your profile.  You may also request GratuiTous remove ALL of your personal details in compliance with GDPR.

Additionally, you understand that in the case GratuiTous’ website ceases to exist, that all information on your profile will be gone, and unrecoverable. You will lose the ability to access any courses, forums, or resources previously available to you.  GratuiTous will make sure to give lots of notice for customers to purchase their downloads, and members to finish their subscription.

While you were a member, if you downloaded any special member-only resources such as sounds that were available to you while GratuiTous’ website still existed, you still have the right to use them under the terms within the download license agreement.

Special Membership Accounts

From time-to-time, special membership accounts will be created. Those will be listed under this heading.

Each “Special Membership Account” has different terms and agreements which the user agrees to when signing up to such offer.

Live Streaming

Live-streaming is an add-on in addition to the membership.

GratuiTous may allow non-live-streaming customers to attend from time-to-time for marketing purposes.

You agree to keep the environment a very family-friendly place to hang out.

For example, any music played cannot contain swear words.  This also includes in the live text chat, and if you get the opportunity to use a microphone and video chat.

You agree to be well-behaved, not infringe on another’s copyright, and that you will be held liable for your actions if anything serious presents itself from your actions.


The questions area is intended to answer a single question from a customer or member.

You agree that your question will be descriptive and well explained for the best user experience for everyone.  You also agree to use no profanity.

Other customers or members can also join in on the conversation, which will be monitored.  Please respect all users of this community.

Personal opinions are encouraged, but online-bullying will not be tolerated.


You will not tamper with this website. This includes finding vulnerabilities and proceeding with malicious activities.

If you find a bug, vulnerability, security issue, or poor browsing experience, please contact GratuiTous.

Links – Inbound/Outbound

Links are used all throughout itsGratuiTous.

Some links are inbound, which direct you to other pages on this site.

Some links are external, which send you to another website. GratuiTous has no control over the content which is on that website, and is used at your own risk.

Some links are Affiliate Links, which are also outbound links. These may provide commissions to GratuiTous if the end user follows through with purchase.

Pictures on the Site

Images used on this site are the copyright of GratuiTous. Do not use any images on this website without approval. Please ask if you’d like to use an image. (Any images which are not the property of GratuiTous should be labeled as such.)

Web Store

Any products purchased on GratuiTous’ store grant you a license to download and view the product/course. It is intended for the purchaser, and shall not be given to others.

Last Updated Aug 15, 2020

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