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S2E5 – EXAMPLES of Low-End Bass Clashing

The low-end of your song is make-it-or-break-it. If your low-end sucks, you song will never be at its BEST! Listen to how bad bass clashing can sound in this episode, and learn how to fix it with using Cut Itself in FL Studio

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Knowing the difference between SHORT-TAILED and LONG-TAILED DRUMS will make a drastic difference in how hard your drum loop will hit. If you use drum samples unwisely, you will have a sloppy drum loop, instead of the desired hard-hitting ones we hear in late 90’s hip-hop.

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S2E3 – Taking Music Production Seriously

Discover a very cool trick (that not many know about) for A/B comparison (which is one of my 5 GOLDEN PILLARS of Music Production!). You will also hear an awesome interview I had with a member of my beatmaker training platform named James.

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S2E2 – Sticking to One DAW

Sticking to one DAW will tremendously speed up your learning of how to make beats, save you lots of money with FL Studio’s LIFETIME FREE UPDATES, and truly see the results you want in your beats, if you keep at it!

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#030 – The Evolving Template

With the release of my new book called “FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide“, I wanted to reveal some best practices I’ve discovered over the years. The biggest point I’m

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