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MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Avandar [Oct. 14, 2021]

Interview #5 features Avandar for a second time, and brings so much confidence this time with his continued growth as a producer! He tells new producers to be careful on YouTube, as even though there’s helpful videos, there’s not much guidance..

MEMBER INTERVIEW #4 – James [Sept 20, 2021]

Interview #4 features James. He emailed me about how useful he’s found my FL Studio Training Platform, and in this interview, he talks about all the traps new producers fall into and waste money and time on!

MEMBER INTERVIEW #2 – Joe [Sept. 17 2020]

Member Interview #2 is with Joe, a self-motivated individual who likes to read and truly seek for his answer. He got his start with my FL Studio Beginner Book and FL Studio Beginner course.

FL Studio Course Reviews:

I really enjoyed Riley's teaching style. I have no background in music and the clear, repetitious and direct way that he used to explain and show things helped tremendously. I feel like Riley equipped me with the knowledge on what to practice on, how to do the practices, and what I should focus on when I feel comfortable with some of the initial practices. With the information I learned in this course, I can continue to improve on learning chords and scales and using both hands as I play the piano. I will definitely be looking at his other courses. Thanks Riley for this awesome course!!
Exactly what I wanted, Piano for producers. It mentions more advanced concepts for piano players but gets right back to the point of the class, which is Piano for making beats.
It's a good course if you really want to save time knowing what you need to create digital music. It's kinda like the guitar approach learn the chords, add some melody in the scale and you're done. The course is very good. Riley explains it quite well. Would be nice to have a bit more specific exercises in the future courses to target more specific areas. Overall I'd say get it if you want to get up to speed with creating chord progressions, getting to know a bit how it all goes to beatmaking.
Fantastic course. I had a hunch that trying to learn to play classic piano wasn't really going to help me produce. This course solidified that and I'm now on my way to actually making great music. I highly recommend this course.
The content so far is excellent and understandable so with a little practice I can achieve my personal goal I set at the beginning of the course. Awesome course!!!!
Riley (GratuiTous) is a great instructor. I have a done 1 on 1 with him in the past regarding vocal mixing and a bit of mastering and he knows his stuff. If you are a beatmaker and have little to no experience with playing the piano and want to learn for production or just to learn to play the piano this course is for you! This course brought my music productions back to life
I started the course with very little knowledge of FL studio. The content is very informative, easy to understand and revealed me lots of tips and shortcuts to step into the next level of the subject. I am fully satisfied with the time and money I spent. Thank you, Riley, for this amazing piece of Knowledge!
The course is a step by step process on the workflow of the DAW. In comparison to many of the youtube videos, the instructor takes the time to move slow and discuss every aspect of working in FL Studio. For instance, the cut copy and paste was frustrating to watch on some of the online tutorials. The course took the time to explain the different ways to do it. Definitely worth every penny.
I like the way he explains the different part of FL Studio 20 set up and now I have corrected my FL Studio 20 with the right settings
By now, this course is a really good match for me. I like the way how the instructor talks about important things in the music industry.
Thanks for taking the time to roll these lessons out. Your instruction was great and the content was extremely relevant for me.
It's a very very informative course on how the use the mixer in FL Studio and of course in any other DAW. Riley knows absolutely what he's doing and what's he's talking about. I've learned a lot of cool things although I'm recording already for a long time but since a year now using FL Studio, before I've used Cubase (an awful constantly crashing DAW) Cakewalk and Ableton. Now I've been using Ableton Live 10 and FL Studio which I like most of the two. I Highly recommend this course on everyone who records music. Riley is an excellent teacher !!
The instructor is very knowledgeable about the topic and it shows throughout each video. I learned things that would increase my workflow by 200% as well as picking up new tricks and shortcuts that I can apply to my workflow routine immediately.
Definitely one of the best tools to pick up, and this course does an excellent job of delivering the information. The difference in clarity and ease of workflow that sends/subgroups give, and the way it's presented here, are absolutely worth every penny.
Amazing lessons and valuable tricks are just a few of many more great things about this course. I am totally positive that after finishing it, I elevated my production skills quite a lot. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to improve and become a better producer.
It was quick and easy to learn. Useful insight and good breakdown of material.
Ive been using fl studio for 5 years now and I'm finally taking a solid course especially for mixing. Mixing is something I'm really just now getting the hang of. Organizing and color coding is something I needed to learn better. I like where the course is going so far. I have high expectations for what this will teach me.
Finally a clear view of song structure and arrangement
Great course, very informative and information was really well explained. I have gotten a better understanding on some different techniques to create better drum loops without the need for additional plugins.
This class was a great introduction to the gear needed for producing. The instructor gave a lot of great suggestions and things for beginners to look out for when getting started. He is really focused on a minimalist "in the box" producing style - which is my goal. I really enjoyed the class!
Yes! I'm a game programmer and I have an interest in sound design, but I'm not sure how strong that interest is. I've found it difficult to find resources online for someone with zero experience with sound or music, so I'm glad I found this course. It seems like I'll be learning what really matters so I can just start making sounds for my games quickly.
This is not my first course of GratuiTous so i know that this course is going to be great and yes it is! I learned so many things. Completely for beginner. Now I got a better understanding of Oscillators, Envelopes and Filters and I want to know more about sound designing. I hope in future you'll make more courses on sound designing. You keep it clear and simple. Loved to learn from you!
As always, Riley keeps it simple and to the point so you can get up and running quickly.
Very informative course on Sample your own music. Riley is a perfect teacher and explains everything in a clear way. I liked the course a lot.
This was truly an amazing and awesome course. I learned a lot and I will keep coming back to the videos to brush up on things I have forgotten. I would have loved to watch a course on how you came up with the whole song, that would have been awesome. Nonetheless, a good course for any person advanced or starting out.

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