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FL Studio Beginner Course

FL Studio Beginner Course which covers all the basics about beatmaking and music production!

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If you’re looking for a course to teach you THE RIGHT WAY on how to make beats with FL Studio, you’ve finally found it!

Here’s your opportunity to learn FL Studio with BEST PRACTICES!

In this FL Studio Beginner Music Course we will cover necessary fundamentals for you to start making beats.

So here’s what we cover:

  • How to make beats with FL Studio
  • Setting Up FL Studio to get the BEST PERFORMANCE out of your computer!
  • Get the BEST EXPORT SETTINGS when you release your music on Spotify!
  • Learn the main windows you’ll always be using:.. Channel Rack, Playlist, Piano Roll, and Mixer (and settings to enable that do not come enabled by default!)
  • Learn how to properly buy sounds that suit you and your workflow
  • Organizing your plugins in the new plugin database
  • Learn how to PROPERLY BACKUP your songs to keep your music safe for the long-term!
  • I’ll show you how to create your own FL Studio Template to speed up your productions!
  • How to set up a microphone to record in FL Studio
  • ADVANCED: Learn the basics of automation clips, and why they are the secret to bring life to your music!

We cover A LOT in this beginner course for FL Studio.

Don’t think this is just for new producers..

Even intermediate producers will greatly value, as it will be a confirmation to clarify if what they are doing is correct.

If you’re really serious about making beats in FL Studio, enroll today, and I will teach you how to get started.

This course will save you TONS of time!


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FL Studio Beginner Course


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