FL Studio Template


Get Access to GratuiTous’ FL Studio Template.
Available with a 2 video walk-through add-on.


Templates not only save time, but also get you results faster.

Over the years I got tired of clicking so many times, just to set up the same thing over and over again.

I literally got so tired of it, then discovered templates!

Now.. if you’ve read my book about Creating Your Own FL Studio Template, you’ll know why templates are so powerful, but you also have to be careful because of the harm they can bring to you in the long run.

Harm?  Yeah!  (You’ll have to read the book..)

Anyways, this template is set up the way I use FL Studio, and will give you that fast workflow I always talk about.

Need some reverb?  What about some delay?

It’s literally a matter of two clicks, then dial in what you’d like.

Also available as an add-on are 2 videos.

The first video you’ll learn how to install the FL Studio template, and how to use it to get really effective results.

The second video will teach you how to make your own FL Studio template, and a few things to be careful of, like when I mentioned a template can also harm you.

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