Premium FL Studio Template V2


My FL Studio Template gives a revolutionary FL Studio workflow for Parallel Mastering, reduces MANY Clicks, and gives students amazing education with my FL Courses.

BONUS: FL Template Training (15 Videos, 3 Hours!)  shares so much about FL Studio’s MIXER! (Reg. $47!)

Only stock plugins are used in the template, but I’ve provided  “drag & drop” components for third-party plugins to get my EXACT MASTER SETUP!

Works for Windows & Mac.. (FL Studio Version 21.2.3+)

Lessons: 15Time: 3 Hours 19 MinsSkill Level: Intermediate

FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous

FL Studio Template V2 – What’s Included:

  • FL Studio Template Version 2
  • FL Studio Template Course! (15 Videos, 3 Hours!)
  • 2 Practice Projects for FL Studio Hands-On Training!
  • BONUS: Single Tool Bar Layout!!!

FL Studio Template Version 2 is my revolutionary workflow.. It builds off Version 1, known for being lightweight and fast workflow, but had some shortcomings.

My beats were always SO LOUD in mixing, with no control in Mastering.. Version 2 introduces a brand-new SUBMIX to achieve a mastering sweet spot EVERY TIME!

Please read this for the best experience:


Before reading.. we make this beat from SCRATCH in the Template Training Course:


Is a FL Studio Template Necessary?

You may have read “FL Studio Templates are not good”.

But these “done-for-you” templates bloated with plugins try to “do everything”.

Those templates DO NOT WORK because each song & producer’s style is so different.. but.. if you DON’T have a template, you’re wasting time!!

Now a template can’t setup everything.. some manual stuff can’t be avoided, but each project DOES have tedious tasks, such as our MASTER Chain or SENDS.. and my template saves me AT LEAST 50 Clicks each project.

This is a clear distinction between a FL Studio Template which ACTUALLY helps workflow!!

The Music Production Process

The music production process, in order, consists of:

  1. Beatmaking
  2. Arrangement
  3. Mixing
  4. Mastering

Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering all benefit from a template which STAYS OUT OF THE WAY, but reduce clicks to decrease setup time.

If a template has too many plugins.. small projects load longer, and can actually GET IN THE WAY and fight against you!!

Why Students Like my FL Studio Template:

They know I KNOW what is a good template.

I even wrote a book about FL Studio Templates because I’m so serious!!

FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide Book - Paperback

The best FL Studio Template should be lightweight (so it opens fast), and reduces mouse clicks at each stage of the production process.

FL Studio Template V2 Experience:

Why Version 2?  Well, Version 1 was great, but had some shortcomings.

Version 2 builds off V1’s benefits.. and because I use this in my FL Studio Education & my own beats.. I didn’t want to rush it:

FL Studio Template v2 Planning Drawing of Audio Signal Flow

One problem was my beats were too loud going into my MASTER…

V2 introduces a new SUBMIX..  The included FL Template Course shows how this achieves perfect mastering level sweet spot… EVERY TIME.

New SUBMIX on Premium FL Studio Template V2 by GratuiTous for the Best Mastering Level

I don’t want to give too much knowledge away here.. But I promise my FL Studio Template V2 is a revolutionary workflow.

After YEARS of using FL Studio, creating hundreds of beats, being a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, creating 34+ FL Studio Courses.. writing FL Studio Books… hosting my Music Production Made Simple Podcast..


Premium FL Studio Template V2 for Purchase by GratuiTous

When opening a NEW FL Studio Project, I can IMMEDIATELY start making beats.

I can then INSTANTLY mix music with my SENDS.. and QUICKLY transition to mastering as my Mastering Chain is already setup!

My included FL Studio Template Training reveals the true secrets of FL Studio’s Mixer, teaching you how to route audio at a professional level, and how to use SENDS, Groups, and even achieve a polished sound on your master!

This purchase gives you:

  • FL Studio Template V2 (New SUBMIX, SENDS, Parallel Master!)
  • FL Template Training (IN-DEPTH Knowledge of FL Studio’s Mixer, based on my V2 Template.. The Mixer is where the professional sound comes from!)
  • Version 1 Also Included if You Still Use FL Studio 20! (V2 is for FL 21+)
  • Practice Projects for HANDS-ON Practice, which the Template Course teaches you how to use and practice with!
  • Single Toolbar Preset for more vertical space in FL Studio!
  • Drag & Drop Components for my EXACT Master Chain!

I can promise you have NEVER had an FL Studio experience like my Premium FL Studio Template.

It not only provides a lightweight template to reduce clicks, but also includes professional training.. we even make a beat from SCRATCH in the training course with V2 Template for how to use it..

I would love to get you learning FL Studio the same way.

For more info, visit FL Studio Template HELP GUIDES.

Course Content

Version 2.0:

FL Studio Template Version 2.0 is a free upgrade for v1.0 users, requires FL Studio 21.2+ and brings MASSIVE changes to layout and workflow. Biggest noticeable improvements are the new SUBMIX, Sends docked right, Sends presets revamped, and mixer insert volume's reduced to provide more volume control. BONUS: Also included now is my FL Studio Toolbar!!

New Mixer Layout:

  • New SUBMIX to Allow for More Control Over Groups & Parallel Mastering
  • Sends are Now Docked Right (Can Open/Close for More Space)

New FL Studio Toolbar Preset:

Working on v2.0, I decided if I want to give you my EXACT workflow experience, you need my Toolbar setup, too. This took a lot of thinking for what IS and IS NOT needed in the single line Toolbar.. this helps by giving more vertical space.. my gift from me to you 🙂 (Thanks for your business!)

  • GratuiTous-Single (More vertical space)
  • GratuiTous-Full (Mostly used in courses for new users to follow)

Master Presets:

v2.0 gives you my EXACT Master Bus, if you have the plugins. If you don't, stock plugins are loaded by default, and you can easily go back and forth with the included drag & drop files.

  • Third-Party Master Presets
  • Stock Master Presets

Mixer Sends:

The sends have been slightly revamped in FL Studio Template v2.0 - Both v1 and v2 are included in case you still want the old versions. I've used

  • Mixer Sends Updated
  • Disabled 'Fruity Parametric EQ2 HQ Mode' on DELAY send to Prevent Phase Issues
  • Disabled 'Fruity Parametric EQ2 HQ Mode' on STEREO SEP send to Prevent Phase Issues

Version 1:

Preface: My FL Studio Template is lightweight and reduces the amount of clicks to initially get started at the beginning of each project. Projects load fast, while benefiting from the improved workflow that allows you to transition from beatmaking to mixing & mastering. This is the exact template that was used in the 34 Beatmaking Courses from March 2024 and before.

  • Initial Release of my Private FL Studio Template
  • Mixer Sends Setup for Fast Mixing
    • REVERB 1
    • REVERB 2
    • DELAY
  • Plugins Setup on Master Bus to Save Time in Mastering & Mix with Light Compression

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