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Premium FL Studio Template


My personal Premium FL Studio Template makes mixing easier, and allows beatmakers to be very creative!


Only stock plugins are used!  (FL Studio Version 20.8+)

Works with Windows and Mac.. view bonuses below!!

Product Info

Here’s What’s Included!:

  • My Premium FL Studio Template!
  • OVERVIEW Video:  Learn HOW to Use The Template In-Depth!
  • A PRACTICE Project to apply the OVERVIEW Video tips!
  • The Individual Mixer Presets For Convenience
  • BONUS!  Get FL Studio Mixer Workflow FREE ($24 Value!)

Yes, all this for only $9.

I want to make sure you learn well in my videos!


What Is The FL Studio Premium Template?

This is a .flp file which you drag into your FL Studio template folder.

I’ve only used FL Studio stock plugins, so no third-party plugins required!

This template for FL Studio helps me achieve consistent results, faster.. and is a large part of my mixing, and beatmaking process.

You will learn very well if you have my FL Studio template as you watch my videos.

Who is GratuiTous?

GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer who is passionate about high-quality education.

Students have asked me for “hands-on”, and that’s what this FL Studio template delivers.

This is my OWN PERSONAL FL STUDIO TEMPLATE from my courses.. you will be able to practice and learn much quicker!

This is not like a template you have used before.  It’s very light-weight, and brings great power in the mixing and beatmaking stages!

There is also a 40 minute IN-DEPTH OVERVIEW VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO USE THE TEMPLATE!  (Plus you get my premium course “FL Studio Mixer Workflow” for FREE with purchase of this $9 template!  The course has 15 videos teaching you how to use the FL Studio mixer in-depth!)


Want the Best FL Studio Learning Experience?


FL Studio Membership by GratuiTous
Click Here to Join the Membership!

Gain Access to All My FL Studio Courses!

Hands-On-Mixing-in-FL-Studio-Course 5 Golden Pillars of Music Production - FL Studio Course Record-Vocals-With-No-Latency - Music Course Windows-Shortcuts-for-Music-Producers-Course The-Number-Pad-in-FL-Studio-Course Beat-Walkthrough-Series-1 - FL Studio Course Sound-Design-Basics-101 - FL Studio Course Automation-Clips-Automatically-Control-Parameters - FL Studio Course Piano-Lessons-for-Producers-Course How-to-Use-an-Audio-Interface-as-a-Beatmaker - FL Studio Course How-to-Use-A-MIDI-Keyboard-as-a-Beatmaker - FL Studio Course 10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Course FLStudio-20-Intermediate-Course SAFE-SPOTS-Create-Amazing-Drum-Loops - Drum Loop Course FLStudio-20-Beginners-Course Musical-Rhythms - FL Studio Course Song-Structure-and-Arrangement-Music-Course A-Specific-Music-Production-Folder - FL Studio Course All-About-Filters - FL Studio Course Releasing-a-Professional-Beat-Tape - FL Studio Course Why-We-Producers-Use-Compression - Music Audio Compression Course Using-EQ-Effectively-In-Your-Songs - FL Studio Course Essential-Gear-Needed-to-Make-Beats - FL Studio Course Foundational-Drum-Loop-Basics - FL Studio Course Advanced Music Production Secrets Course Learn-Piano-for-Beatmakers-and-Producers-Course FLStudio-Mixer-Workflow-Course Creating-Organic-Beats - FL Studio Course Music-Theory-and-Chords-for-Beatmakers - FL Studio Course Sample-Your-Own-Music - FL Studio Course

Premium FL Studio Template


Premium FL Studio Template by GratuiTous

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