Premium FL Studio Template


My FL Studio Template allows for a very fast FL Studio workflow in your beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.. and is used in all of my FL Studio Courses to follow along easier.

Only stock plugins are used in the template.

Also includes a 40-Minute Video AND practice project for hands-on training!

Works with Windows and Mac.. (FL Studio Version 20.8+)

Bonuses included with Premium FL Studio Template by GratuiTous purchase

Included in FL Studio Template

  • My FL Studio Template!
  • 40-Min Video:  Learn HOW to Use The Template!
  • PRACTICE FL Studio Project for Hands-On Training!
  • BONUS: FL Studio Mixer Workflow Course!

BONUS:  FL Studio Mixer Workflow Course INCLUDED ($24 Value!)

Get a premium FL Studio Course FREE (FL Studio Mixer Workflow) with FL Studio Template by GratuiTous purchase

Why is this a Good FL Studio Template?

The best FL Studio Templates should be lightweight (so it opens fast), and reduces mouse clicks.

This allows you to instantly start making a beat, rather than setting up plugins each FL Studio session.

My FL Studio Template gives an AMAZING FL Studio experience by reducing mouse clicks, and loading the necessary plugins to start making beats right away, which also makes mixing and mastering WAY faster.

This is the exact FL Studio Template you see in my FL Studio courses.

My Template for FL Studio is fine-tuned for workflow from my years of producing!

You get the FL Studio Template, a 40-Minute Video Teaching How to Use My FL Studio Template, and a practice .flp project (FL Studio Project) to get hands-on practice!

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