How to Use an Audio Interface as a Beatmaker


This Audio Interface Course for FL Studio Users will teach you the basics of audio interface.

You’ll learn what is the purpose of an audio interface, how to connect and install an audio interface in FL Studio, and how to use an audio interface to record vocals and make beats.

This course also covers what audio cables you need for an audio interface, how to setup an audio interface for best performance in FL Studio, and a general overview of how to buy an audio interface in regards to input and output connections for your microphones and speakers.

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Lessons: 8Time: 1 Hour 29 MinsSkill Level: Beginner

It is my goal of this course to educate you on not only how to purchase the right audio interface for you, but to get the most out of your audio interface’s performance, and achieve a solid recording of your vocals or what ever instrument you’re trying to record!

We first start with what an audio interface is, what purpose it has for us beatmakers, and what to look for when buying an audio interface. (You want to make sure you buy the right product for you – save money, with high performance!)

We then cover all the features of most audio interfaces. We use an older model of one of my old audio interfaces, then a more recent audio interface. You learn about the inputs and outputs, how connections work from speakers and microphones to your audio interface, and dialing in a good recording level.

Further we talk about the importance of installing your audio interface’s drivers, the audio cable connections (a specific video talks about audio cables!), sample rates, bit depth, and how to use your audio interface’s ASIO drivers to their fullest potential for that butter smooth look to FL Studio.

Near the end of the course, once you understand the ins and outs of an audio interface, I show you how to record your voice in FL Studio. But not just a simple record, I share with you a secret technique to apply reverb (and other effects) on your voice without actually recording it! (A secret the pros use to get a better performance out of their artist!)

As a bonus, I threw in how you can record sounds to make a sound pack or for sound design purposes!

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to use your audio interface at a high-level, know how to pick out the right audio interface for you, and focus on your music and less on your gear!

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