#028 – Managing Your Monies and Paying Taxes

You may have never thought to make money through your music, but for those who are just starting out to actually capture some capital in this industry, here's some tips I've discovered to keep my finances in check when dealing with online income. But here's my disclaimer: I am not a tax professional. Please do not listen to any of my advice on taxes, money, or any finance stuff! Please seek professional guidance from a trained professional! I hope this gives some solid help in staying organized with your taxes!

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#027 – Collaborating in the Music Industry

Collaborating can bring huge potential growth to your brand and music career, but.. it doesn't come without its downsides. In this episode I talk about my own personal experiences with collaborating, and how it's accelerated my growth within the music industry, various ways to collaborate, and how to properly reach out to a potential candidate you'd like to collaborate with!

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