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Free Tools

M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script

Learn more about the free MIDI Script for the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio. Currently on OXYGENPROv2.


M-Audio Oxygen Pro – 5 Part Video Series – GETTING STARTED GUIDE

M-Audio Oxygen Pro GETTING STARTED – 5 Part Series by GratuiTous. Learn how to use a MIDI Keyboard, and properly set it up in FL Studio!

Student Reviews

GratuiTous FL Studio Beginner Course – Student Feedback Review

It’s not every day you get such an amazing review.. I really wanted to share it with you about my FL Studio Beginner Course.. thanks for your support!


S2E13 – How to Make a Real Beat

In this episode of Music Production Made Simple, I make a beat from scratch through the Original Composition beatmaking method. Listen to hear step-by-step, and how the beat turned out!


S2E12 – Making a Beat Vs. Knowing Your DAW


S2E11 – We All Have 12 Notes

No matter if you are a beatmaker, or a musician, we all only have 12 notes available to us in an octave. This allows us to remember, it’s not as complicated as it has to be.. once you know the basics!


S2E10 – Velocity Makes the Difference

VELOCITY is one of the most powerful ORGANIC TOOLS that music producers must understand to use. Add emotion and dynamics to your music with VELOCITY.


S2E9 – Quantizing Makes Life Easy

Quantizing in FL Studio allows for an extremely fast workflow, while still allowing that human-flavor by manually note-nudging after with your ORGANIC TOOLS.


What Are the Best FabFilter Plugins to Buy for FL Studio

What the best FabFilter Plugins to buy for music production and content creation. Learn which FabFilter plugins are the must haves to make beats.

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