Often users want to add a plugin to all mixer tracks in FL Studio.

They think you have to drag a plugin onto each mixer insert individually, which is very tedious. People who understand fast workflow truly know the difference good workflow makes.

There was a very helpful video shown on the Image-Line Forum showing how to add plugins to multiple inserts.

Here’s the steps to take:

  • Highlight the Mixer Inserts you want the plugins to be added on with CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK [HOLD]
  • From the FL Studio Browser, under Effects, drag your plugin onto a highlighted mixer insert.
  • A pop-up will appear explaining the plugin will be added to all the selected mixer inserts
  • Click “Add plugins” to confirm
  • Simply wait for FL Studio to automatically add your plugins to your highlighted mixer tracks

You can also use a Mixer Preset to drag onto these highlighted Mixer Inserts, which will add your plugin chain to all highlighted mixer inserts!

If you want to add mixer presets from your MIDI Keyboard, my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Template allows for this.. off of the drum pads.. it’s been a great workflow (see video):