You should be doing the Walk Around Test before you release your music..

The Walk Around Test by GratuiTous
LOL.. maybe not like this..

To Be a Little More Cereal.. (Serious)

The Walk Around Test is something that I have done for many years before releasing my music publicly.

It’s that FINAL LISTEN after you’ve made the beat, done your arrangement, and applied your AUDIO PAINTING.

It’s listening to make sure that the song FLOWS.

You press play from the beginning of the song, and listen from the listener’s perspective if anything stands out in a weird way.. like does an instrument come in abruptly?

If so.. what can you do to help smoothen the transition of adding or removing that instrument?

There are various Audio Painting Tools you can use like a snare roll, a reverse cymbal, or EVEN SILENCE is powerful, too!

Closing Out..

The Walk Around Test will help you have a clear outlook on your track.

It’s looking at the song AFTER everything is done. Once you think the song is 100% complete, press play, and listen for anything that stands out to you in a bad way.

Go and make your MINOR ADJUSTMENTS, and you will be perfecting your song for the world.

That is the Walk Around Test.. I hope it helps you out 😎


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