S2E25 – Should You Sound Design While Beatmaking

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When making beats, should you sound design while making the beat, or should you just use a ROMpler to select high-quality presets?

This is a question I get ALL the time!

In addition, I also get asked is using a ROMpler cheating? And the answer is NO!

Remember, sound design is a totally separate industry from making beats. We as beatmakers need high-quality sounds to make our beats fast and with quality. It still takes A LOT of skill to make a beat.. but drum samples and synth presets allow us to make professional beats fast, and it makes mixing A LOT easier, too!

If you try to sound design while making a beat in FL Studio, you will discover it slows you down way too much.

My advice is to do sound design separately, then use those high-quality sounds to make your beats.

The beatmaking process goes:

Make the Beat -> Arrangement -> Mixing -> Audio Painting -> Mastering

Sound design is a TOTALLY SEPARATE INDUSTRY.. and one you may never have to learn to make high-quality beats..

If you want to learn sound design, that’s totally up to you.. and be prepared because it’s overwhelming.. just like learning to make beats was!

Here’s some courses if you want to learn sound design or beatmaking:

Sound Design Basics 101 will teach you how to sound design in FL Studio with three different synths (Serum, Sylenth1, and Pigments!)

Click here to watch it!

Sound Design Basics 101 Course
10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Course

10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro will teach you the FULL Beatmaking process, all the way to the Mastering!

Click here to watch it!

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Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller) - FL Studio Podcast
Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller) - FL Studio Podcast
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