Music Production Equipment

Articles about good music production equipment for FL Studio like how to set up a MIDI Keyboard, how to use an audio interface, how to buy speakers for beatmaking, and save money!

How to Use Piano as a Keyboard in FL Studio (Without a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller)

How to Use Keyboard as Piano in FL Studio

How to use a computer keyboard as a piano in FL Studio without using a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller by enabling Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard.

How to Change a Pre-Amp Tube (ART VoiceChannel)

How to change a pre-amp tube in a single channel strip. My ART VoiceChannel was failing, and I demonstrate replacing a vacuum tube.

What are Reference Monitor Speakers

What are Reference Monitor Speakers?

Reference monitors are a special speaker for music production that give a flat response to mix music accurately. You’ll also learn what size of speakers to buy for beatmaking.

How to Setup FL Studio Transport Buttons

How to Setup a MIDI Controller in FL Studio (Transport Buttons)

How to Setup a MIDI Controller (Keyboard or Drumpad) in FL Studio, and Map the Transport Buttons Play, Stop, and Record Buttons.

FL Studio Stock Plugin Right-Click Window Example

How to Setup Knobs and Sliders in FL Studio

How to map knobs and sliders in FL Studio. Linking external hardware controllers to VSTs in FL Studio (Stock and Third-Party Plugins)

Update M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware

How to Update M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware

Update the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware to the Latest Version.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - RIGHT SIDE

How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio

How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio.. Learn the Best MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio and What Features to Get to make beats.


How to Setup Avantone MixCube to Audio Interface (Mono Connection)

How to setup the Avantone MixCube to an Audio Interface with a Monitor Controller in Mono Safely..

Organized Serum Preset Folder in Documents (GratuiTous' Approach)

How to Install Serum Banks [XferRecords]

How to Install Serum Presets into XferRecords Serum VSTi. Learn how to install serum banks fast, and organize them.

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