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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

Learn best practices about music production, and listen on the go!

FL Studio Premium Music Courses

Watch in-depth FL Studio courses, explained in simple terms.

Books on Music Production Mindset

Read more about Audio Painting, Safe Spots, and Music Production.

About the Podcast

Music Production Made Simple‘s goal is to educate producers to create music with best practices, while preparing them for what life is like as a music producer.

The jump from hobbiest to career as a producer is immense, and this pocast will strengthen and build up a new generation of inspired producers who are aware of their actions towards their peers.

Best practices are emphasized, while saving money to achieve the highest quality.

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Details on My FL Studio Courses

I love to educate, teach best practices, and learn.
My courses are to-the-point, with no fluff, and no ‘filler’ content. You can enroll into my courses on a monthly membership.

Become a better producer.  Take the courses.

Best-Selling Courses:

Piano for Beatmakers and Producers

Beatmakers and classical piano players play the piano differently, so do we beatmakers try to learn the piano the same way? This course breaks down what you NEED TO KNOW as a producer to play and improvise on the piano.

FL Studio Beginner's Music Production course

Tired of watching YouTube tutorials that don’t get to the point, or are teaching bad practices? This course gets you up-and-running with what’s important to know about FL Studio, how to make high-quality beats, and teaches a fast workflow.

Advanced Music Production Secrets

Are you more advanced than a beginner, but not advanced enough to be “pro”? This course has over 30 videos showing you quick-and-to-the-point tricks to level up your game quickly. Topics range from beatmaking to mixing.

My current books:

Audio Painting

Learn to communicate with your listener, and prepare them for what’s next in your song. This book will teach you about arrangement, and how to effect your listener’s emotions.

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Safe Spots

Discover how to program drum loops which sound good no matter what!  Safe Spots will teach you where to place your sounds, and your organic tools available.

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Proper Producer Mindset

Step outside of what’s safe.  Stop with the ‘artist name – type’ beats.  This book teaches you how to prepare yourself for a long-term career in this music industry.

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