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  • Sound Selection in Beats Course (GratuiTous FL Studio Course)

    Sound Selection in Beats


    How to use sound selection in beatmaking.  Discover sound selection tips to make your beats clear and mixing easy!

  • Sale! Piano Drum Loops Vol. 1 by GratuiTous



    Designed to help you learn piano as a beatmaker.

    Force yourself into a 5 minute practice session, and see your piano skills improve fast!

  • Sale! 5-Golden-Pillars-of-Music-Production - FL Studio Course

    5 Golden Pillars of Music Production


    This is the beatmaking course to take your productions to the next level.

    Contained inside are 5 Golden Pillars of Music Production to truly accelerate as a REAL MUSIC PRODUCER wanting to find their own sound and produce quality, and unique beats.

  • Sale! Windows-Shortcuts-for-Music-Producers-Course

    Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers


    Ready to have TRUE confidence while using Windows 10?

    Learn valuable Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly access folders, navigate files, and how to type and edit text VERY fast!

  • Sale!
    VST Presets

    Serum – Endow


    Endow is a premium Serum Bank by GratuiTous that has 25 presets featuring pads, plucks, basslines, leads, and guitar type sounds.

    The Serum Presets have been meticulously fine-tuned to allow easy beatmaking right out of the gate.

    Endow is an extremely versatile Serum Preset bank allowing you to make rap and dance beats at ease!

  • GratuiTous-Serum-Presets-Overbear
    VST Presets

    Serum – Overbear


    Overbear is a premium Serum Bank featuring 25 presets aimed at dance and hip-hop music featuring pads, basslines, plucks, and powerful leads!

    These serum presets will allow you to make awesome melodies and full-sounding beats!

    Here’s a demo beat created with the Overbear presets!

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