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GratuiTous Membership - FL Studio Courses

This is a dedicated platform to learn the FL Studio DAW, taught by GratuiTous (FL Studio Trainer).  It focuses on creating custom beats with MIDI Notes and one-shot drum samples.  You will not find pre-made drum loops or “midi packs”, but learning to truly create YOUR OWN music from scratch with a MIDI Keyboard & FL Studio.

The membership grants access to ALL 35 FL Studio Courses inside the platform.  Simply stream the FL Studio Training Videos from any device, like a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device by logging into your account!

You have FULL control of your subscription in your account to pause / cancel.

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Subscription vs. Lifetime:  Monthly & Yearly are recurring billing to the platform.  You have full control on cancellation inside your account.  You can try it for just 1 month, or save big with yearly.  Lifetime is a one-time payment to join the membership and avoid subscriptions.  Monthly, Yearly, and LIFETIME all give access to the membership to watch all FL Studio Courses.  For more questions, email me.

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FL Studio Courses by GratuiTous

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is FL Studio Required for the Courses?

    If you use FL Studio, you’ll get the best experience.

    However, lots of the trainings are general beatmaking knowledge, and can apply to most DAWs in general.

  • Do I Need Third-Party Plugins?

    No!  You can follow along stock FL Studio Plugins!

    My teaching style focuses on the fundamentals of music production, so you learn HOW the techniques work, rather than “how a plugin works”.

    In my courses, I often use FabFilter plugins because they are REALLY good for teaching (and the workflow is awesome), but I try to stay away from “special features”, so you can follow along no matter what.

    The odd time I may use special features.. but generally you can learn with the stock plugins!

  • What is Course Pathways?

    Course Pathways is a step-by-step beatmaking  curriculum based on FL Studio to learn the whole music production as fast as possible.

    New producers have seen GREAT results within as little as 3 months by following each course in order, then practicing the techniques them self.

    Course Pathways is included in the membership at no additional charge.

  • What Does the Membership Include?

    Becoming a member grants access to watch ALL 35 Beatmaking Courses in the platform.

    The videos are based on FL Studio, but you can follow along with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for most of the trainings (such as the Piano for Producers Course, or Music Theory Course).

  • What is LIFETIME Membership?

    LIFETIME Membership is a one-time payment to the membership instead of a recurring subscription like Monthly or Yearly.  Simply pay once to become a member for life!

  • How to Cancel My Membership?

    Inside your account settings, you have full control on canceling your membership subscription.

  • Still Have Questions?

    No problem!  Click to email me!

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