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Privacy Policy

Pages you must understand:

Below are the types of information collected when visiting GratuiTous’ websites, and how the information is handled.

Some of the terms below can get technical, so if you do not understand any of the terms, please contact me.

Anonymous Data

This is data used to monitor your visit.

This anonymous data could be Server logs, IP address, clicks, current device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), location, pages viewed, overall time spent on a page, gender, and could contain other anonymous information of the like.

This information is tracked by Google Analytics, and used for research to bring a better experience of what content to bring readers of the site.

Personal Data

Some tasks require your personal data, such as when signing up to the newsletter, a free download, purchasing a product, or commenting on the website. The information you input will only be used for the purpose intended. These purposes could include the following:

User Account

When purchasing a product, and creating an account, the information collected from you is used to identify yourself, either for login, contact, billing, or product delivery purposes.

No payment information is collected or stored on this website. All payment info is handled by a reputable third-party provider.  (We use Stripe or PayPal.)

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the lifeblood of GratuiTous’ online music production business.

Whether this is receiving emails to purchase a product, or getting emails after you’ve become a customer.  (For order fulfillment.)

For marketing emails (new product promotion), are you in total control of any emails you receive.  There is an unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom of any email sent from me.

For order fulfillment emails, these are 100% necessary for you to receive your product to download!  (Or, if you unsubscribe, you will also receive a confirmation regarding opt-out.)

Your information will NEVER be sold to third-parties.

My 100% intention of these emails is to educate you with FL Studio, provide the right course for your situation, and give you a seamless experience by being a student with me.

GratuiTous uses ActiveCampaign.com for a newsletter provider, which means your personal information that you enter is stored on ActiveCampaign.com’s servers.

GratuiTous is not liable for ActiveCampaign’s mistakes, errors, or server breaches that cause loss or damage to you.

Additionally, how you are added to these email lists can happen in variety of ways. (But, you have ALWAYS chosen to opt-in yourself either by membership enrollment, free download, or other possible email opt-in form for GratuiTous.)


A name and email is required to comment.

Your email becomes visible to administrators, but not to public users (unless you’ve entered your email inside your actual comment!).

The purpose of collecting your email is when there is a reply to your comment, you are notified by email of a response.

This email will not be added to any newsletter list.


GratuiTous’ website uses cookies and expects that you understand, accept, and are happy with its use of cookies.

Cookies store information either on your computer, or our server, about your visit and actions. Some cookies collect anonymous data (for analytical purposes), while some cookies are used for better user experience (remembering login details, for example).

If you’d like more information about cookies, please visit this website: http://www.aboutcookies.org. You may also visit this helpful resource.

Below, you will find what cookies GratuiTous uses, and the reasons for using them:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to monitor and track anonymous data. (See Anonymous Data heading above).

This anonymous data is used to improve the website. No personal data is collected, just anonymous data for tracking purposes. (Clicks, pages viewed, amount of time on a page, for example.)

For more info, you can read Google’s Privacy Policy to see how your data is being used.

ActiveCampaign – Newsletter Service

ActiveCampaign is a email marketing service which allows GratuiTous to track your activity in your relationship with GratuiTous.

If you’ve signed-up to GrautuiTous’ emails, you agree to the use of cookies and web beacons used to monitor your activities pertaining to those emails such as website activity, pages visited, email opens, the time of opening, tagging members on certain activities, or clicks within a newsletter. This trains GratuiTous to write effective and engaging newsletters, tailored for a good experience.

Amazon Associates

Amazon may use cookies to advertise to you products you’ve previously visited on any amazon ads displayed on this website. Amazon may also add cookies when you click an amazon outbound link from this site (which may include this websites amazon referral id, allowing this website to receive commission if purchased through.)


TrustPilot is used to send customers emails from previous purchases. TrustPilot will place a cookie to track this purchase and follow-up with the customer via email asking to share their feedback regarding their experience with the service and product.

Opting-Out of Updates from GratuiTous

If you no longer want receive communications from GratuiTous, please take the following steps:

  • Unsubscribe from GratuiTous’ newsletter
  • Unfollow on social networks
    • Twitter – @ItsGratuiTous
    • Facebook – /ItsGratuiTous
    • Google+ /+ItsGratuiTous
    • YouTube /ItsGratuiTous
  • Email GratuiTous if this does not resolve your issue.

COPPA – (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

GratuiTous does not market explicitly to children under 13. If a child under 13 does sign up, areas where GratuiTous could collect information would be from the comment system, newsletter form requiring their name and email, or a survey requesting anonymous information to further content and products.

CalOPPA – California Online Privacy Protection Act

GratuiTous strives to comply with CalOPPA by providing a clear and concise privacy policy. See more at: http://consumercal.org/california-online-privacy-protection-act-caloppa/#sthash.0FdRbT51.dpuf

Changes to Privacy Policy

GratuiTous reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, and does not have to update the user of new updates to its privacy policy. The user is bound to the Privacy Policy when he or she uses this Website.

If you do not agree to how GratuiTous uses your information, GratuiTous asks you refrain from using this Website.

Last updated April 30, 2020

Copyright © 2012-2021 – GratuiTous

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