Please refer to the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with usage of collects both Anonymous Data and Personal Data from you, and below explains how this information is collected and used, including how your information is passed onto trusted third-parties like’s CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or if the website needs assistance from a professional web developer. tries to only collect essential information pertaining to a task, such as a purchase where you need to fill out your billing details, or signing up for the email list. Your information will never be sold, and your payment details are not stored on

Some of the terms below can get technical, so if you do not understand any of the terms and are confused and concerned, please contact me.

Anonymous Data Collection and Usage

Anonymous Data is data used to monitor your visit.

Anonymous Data may be things like website visits, time on page, sales converted, current device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), location, pages viewed, and other anonymous information of the like to track statistics of website performance, without knowing your real name, email, or other ways of identifying you personally.

This Anonymous Data information is tracked by Google Analytics, and is used for research to bring a better experience of what content to create, whether that be articles, tutorials, courses, books, or other FL Studio and beatmaking at home training materials.

Personal Data Collection and Usage

When using, some tasks require your Personal Data like when purchasing a product or signing up to the email list.

Your Personal Data may include your first and last name, and email address. It can also contain your order history and purchases, or even your music production equipment if you enter those details on your profile.

Here’s further details on how these tasks use your information:

User Account

When purchasing a product, you must create an account on – This information is necessary to identify yourself to login and be authorized to download or access your purchases. (Using your email for your username, for example).

You also have access to Edit Your Profile, and see what information is being shared with DOES NOT store your payment information. Payments are handled and stored by secure third-party providers over a secure encrypted connection. (Stripe and PayPal are payment options).

You may also have the ability to “store payment method for later use”, which is only pertaining to Again, does not store your payment information, and this is a safe feature many third-party providers bring to the user for convenience. If enabled when you make a purchase, you will be able to select your saved payment method at . However, please make sure you have a secure password so that someone does not log into your account, and purchase something on without your consent. Use at your own risk!

Email Marketing

When you sign-up to the newsletter, or opt-in for any free content which requires your email, or when purchasing you check the box “Join my newsletter” and make a purchase, you are saying yes to join the email newsletter of

This email newsletter may be a series of pre-written emails (automations) which provide valuable information, and then will eventually offer a product or service which you can purchase to improve your beatmaking and music production skills regarding FL Studio.

There are two types of emails may receive from

Product Fulfillment

When you make a purchase, the Completed Order Email is emailed to you to easily download the product or access the product you purchased. This is a “transactional” one-time email that is not able to be opted-out of, as it is necessary for you to receive your purchased product, which happens each time a successful transaction happens, or a refund occurs, on the shop.

You do not opt-in to these emails, and they happen when you make a purchase on the store.

For example, if you used up all your downloads to a course or sound kit, you can email me to reset the downloads. I would then resend a new email where you can instantly download the sounds. This is not the email list, but emails required for “product fulfillment”.

Marketing Emails

When you opt-in to join the email list, you may receive marketing emails.

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email sent from me. I do hope you find value in my emails, as I try to give many tips in addition to selling and promoting new and existing courses, books, and sounds.

When you sign-up to the email list, your information will NEVER be sold to third-parties. These marketing emails are used to educate you about FL Studio and beatmaking, and let you be aware of various free and paid training resources has available!

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) uses ActiveCampaign as a CRM and email newsletter provider, which means your personal information that you enter on tiyr profile, your purchase history, and website activity is stored on’s servers to provide excellent customer support.

This activity includes email opens and link clicks, and tagging based on user activity in emails and when using this website which allows new customers to receive relevant information, and not send duplicate information to existing customers based on these tags and activities. is not liable for ActiveCampaign’s mistakes, errors, or server breaches that cause loss or damage to you. Please use a unique strong password for your account on, and only fill in information that is not personally sensitive to you, like do not provide your social security number in any way, as there’s no need for that on

Learn more about ActiveCampaign’s privacy policy. tries to minimize risks by only asking for essential information from you that actually pertains to usage of its website and marketing attempts.

You always have the option of opting-out of marketing emails at at the bottom of any email sent. Or, contact me if you are having issues or have further questions.

Website Monitoring, Heatmaps, and Session Replay Software

For logged-out users.. uses website monitoring software to records a user’s session to be studied allowing improvement if a page layout is confusing. (It does not record confidential form details like payment details, email or name. That info is blurred out, but mouse movement is recorded to improve the website’s user ease-of-use).


A name and email is required to comment.

Your email becomes visible to administrators, but not to public users (unless you’ve entered your email inside your actual comment!).

The purpose of collecting your email here is when there is a reply to your comment, you are notified by email of a response.

This email will not be added to the email list.


GratuiTous’ website uses cookies and expects that you understand, accept, and are happy with its use of cookies.

Cookies store information in your web browser of choice about your visit and actions. Some cookies collect Anonymous Data (for analytical purposes), while some cookies are used for better user experience (remembering login details, for example).

If you’d like more information about cookies, please visit this website: You may also visit this helpful resource.

Below, you will find what cookies GratuiTous uses, and the reasons for using them:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to monitor and track Anonymous Data.

This anonymous data is used to improve the website by seeing what pages are popular, how long users stay on a page, and help determine new content to create on the website. No personal data is collected, just anonymous data for statistical purposes. (Clicks, pages viewed, amount of time on a page, for example.)

For more info, you can read Google’s Privacy Policy to see how your data is being used. Affiliate Program

If you click a link from an affiliate of’s affiliate program, a cookie is stored in your browser for 90 days. If you make a purchase within that time, that affiliate who referred you will receive a commission according to the Affiliate Program details.

ActiveCampaign is a email marketing service which allows to track user activity on its website.

If you’ve signed-up to the https://itsGratuiTous email list, you agree to the use of cookies and web beacons used to monitor your activity on such as emails opened, pages visited and links clicked, purchases made, and tagging a user based on certain activities. This trains to write effective and engaging newsletters and content tailored for a good experience.

Amazon Associates

Amazon may use cookies to advertise to you products you’ve previously visited when you click an amazon outbound link from this site (which may include this websites amazon referral id, allowing this website to receive income commissions if you proceed with purchase.)

COPPA – (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) does not market explicitly to children under 13. In order for a child to use this website, it is required that an adult guardian of the child is present to monitor their activity when using the website, or watching the courses. Minors should not use this website without parental consent.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) strives to comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by providing a clear and concise privacy policy. See more at:

Please contact me if you have any concerns!

Opting-Out of Updates from GratuiTous

If you no longer want receive communications from GratuiTous, please take the following steps:

  • Unsubscribe from newsletter at the bottom of any marketing email sent
  • Unfollow on social networks
  • Email GratuiTous if this does not resolve your issue.

If you do not agree..

If you do not agree how uses your information, please from using this Website.

Last updated Apr 20, 2023

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