Are you wondering how to extend the length of an audio cable? Is your audio cable too short and you want to make it longer?

This article will teach you how to join audio cables together to increase its length, which is a really easy process!

You simply need an audio coupler.

How to Extend the Length of an Audio Cable and Join Multiple Audio Cables to Make the Cable Longer

In this video of my Studio Reassemble Series, I talk to you about a problem I faced with my audio cables being too short, and share how to connect audio cables together to extend the length.

We simply use an Audio Coupling to achieve this.

You just need an additional audio cable that will reach your destination, then this audio coupling will join the two wires together!

This allows us to mechanically connect two audio cables together for a strong connection.

TRS Audio Coupler to Two Audio Cables Together to Extend Length
TRS Audio Coupler to Two Audio Cables Together to Extend Length

Is it Okay to Use an Audio Coupler?

Usually best practice is to never use a coupling, because whenever we make a splice or join wires together, this becomes an additional point of failure in the audio signal connection.

However, it will not give you a reduction in audio quality or signal strength (too long of a cable run could cause that, or a dirty connection port).

So like I mentioned in my how to buy audio cables, it’s always wise to buy audio cables that are more than long enough to reach your speakers or audio equipment.

I also just covered that in my What is an Audio Interface Guide, explaining all the different audio cable types like TS, TRS, XLR, RCA, etc.

Recap: How to Extend Cable Length

To join two TRS audio cables together and make them longer, you just need a TRS Audio Coupling.

But you may wonder, can you also extend the length of XLR audio cables to your microphones and other professional music equipment?

The answer is YES! There’s also XLR Couplers.

The difference of a TRS Coupler to a XLR Coupler is the connection ports you have to be really careful of.

To connect your two TRS Audio Cables together, you just need a Female TRS Coupler, where the male TRS ends of the cable insert into.

But when comes to an XLR Coupler, we typically need a Male-to-Female XLR Coupler. This is because most of our XLR Audio Cables are Male to Female, so we need to continue this as we join into the coupler. (For example, we connect to a Microphone with XLR Female, then to the coupler with male-to-female.. then we need to connect from the coupler female-to-male into our audio interface, for example).

But for TRS Audio Cables, we typically buy TRS Male-to-Male cables, and so this TRS Coupler will be a female-to-female connection. Write it down on paper, and you’ll figure out the audio connections!

I hope this helps you understand how to combine audio cables to extend their length!