So, you want to learn how to become a music producer without school, and enter the field of music production and make your own beats.

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In this article, I will share with you 5 tips to become a successful music producer at home. It’s all about being a music producer who has their own sound, style, which can result in long-term success in the music industry.

#1 – Have High Quality Sounds + a Unique Style

Besides selecting a music program, good music producers must have high-quality sounds.

“Good sounds” come in two forms.. that is:

Drum Kits (Drum Samples)

Drum Kits are also known as one-shot drum samples, and it’s VERY important to have drums that hit hard.

These drum kits contain single recordings of various sounds on a drum kit (like a single drum kick) or other unique sounds like bongos and shakers.

The secret is having QUALITY and VARIETY as a producer.

VST Presets (Synth Presets)

The sounds music producers use are called Virtual Instruments. These are sound generators that produce VERY high-quality audio.

It’s important to have high-quality VST presets that cater to BEATMAKING (as sometimes they are designed for film.. which is for composing music for movies.. not beatmaking!)

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If you’ve always been raised to work a normal job, but now you want to enter the music business, there’s one word you cannot forget.. and that’s:


Your copyright as a music producer, beatmaker, and online entrepreneur is EVERYTHING.

Your copyright is your ownership to the digital asset. This digital asset is literally ANYTHING that you’ve created.. that could be your beat, a sound you’ve recorded, a book, a course, a podcast, or a logo you’ve created.


This means make sure you are not using someone else’s OWNERSHIP without their consent, or proper license.. It’s boring stuff to read, but COPYRIGHT is not to be taken lightly.

That’s how this music industry works. Do not sell your copyright without knowing the pros and cons of the deal.

#3 – Not a Normal Schedule

Working as a music producer means a very sporadic schedule.

You have to truly understand your calendar, and what your body is saying in terms of rest and being overworked.

There is a lot of dangers with “idle time”, if you are not focused and driven. So you have to know how to manage your time, measure what’s working for you when releasing your product (your music), and don’t let the computer consume you!

Finally.. many sure to have OUTSIDE HOBBIES.. enjoy your life!

#4 – TREMENDOUS Focus..

Focusing on your craft of making beats is not easy.

There are SO MANY distractions on a computer, and you have to train yourself to stay focused.

Not only that.. once you learn how to make a beat, you’re then onto the arrangement, mixing, and mastering stages, which all take a LIFETIME to learn.

So don’t think once you get half decent, that you’re done learning. You should always be practicing to become the best music producer you can be.

#5 Have Fun.. Stay Away from Controversy

We’ve seen people in the music industry face controversy all the time.

The BEST way to avoid this is to have fun, enjoy your music making, and keep your opinions to yourself!

Burn out is a REAL THING for music producers, as creating for long periods of time can be very tiring and draining. It’s not making something that’s hard, it’s trying to FINISH it that’s tiring!

Becoming a Music Producer and Online Beatmaker

So there you go. I hope this article on how to become a music producer and beatmaker helps inspire you, as well as helps you prevent many mistakes to see results.

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