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Latest VSTs

How to Copy and Paste in FL Studio 20 – The Right Way

Learn how to copy and paste notes in FL Studio inside the Step Sequencer, Piano Roll, and with MIDI Notes. Also, copying effects between mixer channels, and copying and pasting values on automation clips.

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Bass Master VST by Loopmasters – REVIEW

Bass Master by Loopmasters is a very fast and efficient way to create bass lines in your beats.

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[COURSE] – Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

I’ve released a new course covering audio gear basics. I teach you what you need in a home studio, how to save money, and buying the right gear that suits you and your workflow.

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#006 – Installing VSTs in FL Studio 12 with the Plugin Database

Learn how to install vsts in fl studio 12 with the plugin database. Also learn how to keep vsts in sync across multiple computers.

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