How to Install Presets and Banks into Sylenth1 by LennarDigital

In this video, I show you the installation process of adding presets and banks into Sylenth1.

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For clarification, you can load single presets (.fxp) or banks (.fxb). Banks are what you typically want to install, as then you have MANY presets inside one bank. Single presets (.fxp) are good if you just want to share one cool preset with a friend.

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Installing Sylenth1 Presets into LennarDigital

No matter what DAW you use, the process is the same to install Presets or Banks into Sylenth1.


Simply go Menu -> Bank -> Custom -> Choose Location…

Sylenth1 will now load in all your custom banks from the folder you’ve chosen.

My personal recommendation though is to create a custom music folder.

This music folder contains EVERYTHING pertaining to your music, and you’d have a sub-folder in here for “Sounds” -> “VSTs”.

Within “VSTs”, create a folder for LennarDigital, then create a “Sylenth1” folder (in case LennarDigital ever comes out with another synth or product in the future).

Inside this Sylenth1 folder, simply create a folder for your “custom banks”. When you select “Choose Location…”, it will load all the banks you’ve loaded into your folder (in .fxb format).

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What’s Sylenth1 Default Preset Location?

The nice thing about Sylenth1 is that it doesn’t have a default location.. you as the user get to decide where to install it.

But normally, it’d probably install into your Program Files -> VSTPlugins folder..

But personally, I suggest following my suggestion above about creating a custom music folder. It’s by far the easiest way to organize, backup, and transfer a computer at a later time.

Literally EVERYTHING pertaining to your music is stored in there, and all your custom presets (and default Sylenth1 presets) are stored in there.

Here’s helpful links for Sylenth1 and Organization..