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How to Install Serum Banks into XferRecords Serum VSTi

In this video I show you how to install banks into XferRecords Serum.

I also show where to find the Serum Presets Folder.

Read closely for best practices for installing, and keeping your files backed up.. in case you want to transfer to a new computer, or reformat in the future 🙂.


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Installing Serum Banks [EASY WAY]:

Simply click on Menu -> Show Serum Presets folder. (This opens what folder Serum uses for your presets.)

With Serum by XferRecords open, simply click “Menu”, then “Show Serum Presets Folder”.

Just drag and drop your folder into “User”, then go Menu -> Rescan folders on disk. You should now see your new bank in the drop down preset menu!

Personally though, I’d suggest creating a folder for that particular vendor, then drag the bank into that folder. It allows for a way better workflow, and you know exactly where your sounds are in the future.. and you know who designed those sounds!

It’d look something like this!:


Serum Preset Installation Path [Longer Way]:

The approach above is the fastest way because you open your DAW, open Serum, then just drag your bank in.

However, the default Serum Preset Bank Path is:

Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Presets

By default, Serum loads sounds into various folders like “Bass”, “Leads”, “Pads”, etc..

But over my years of producing, I have enjoyed the approach of how I’ve personally sound designed my FREE SERUM BANK.

The actual preset labels what the sound is.. (for example):

  • LD – LEAD 1
  • PD – PAD 1
  • PL – PLUCK 1
  • BA – BASS 1

It’s such a better workflow, because when you look at a preset, YOU KNOW it’s a bass or a pad..

My Serum Preset folder looks like this (click to enlarge):

Organized Serum Preset Folder in Documents (GratuiTous' Approach)
Inside Presets, I create a Vendor folder (GratuiTous in this case 🙂). Simply add new banks from “GratuiTous” to that folder! Each folder contains .fxp sounds labelled as BA, LD, etc.)

Best Way to Buy XferRecords Serum?

There’s a couple ways you can buy Serum..

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Serum by XferRecords VSTi
Serum by Xfer Records

That’s How to Install Presets into Serum!

So there you go!

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What about Backing up Serum VST?

Simply just backup that Presets folder contained in Documents -> Xfer!

It contains all things unique to your experience with Serum.

But if you follow my unique custom music folder strategy, you’d already know how to properly keep your music production set up organized and easy to transfer. (I teach this in two of my courses.. A Specific Music Production Folder and 5 Golden Pillars of Music Production).