This FL Studio tutorial teaches how to map one knob or slider to many parameters on your VST in FL Studio.

This knob mapping tutorial works for Stock and Third-Party Plugins!

I suggest watching Project Links vs. Global Links to learn the best workflow for setting up knobs and sliders in FL Studio.

Map One Knob to Multiple VST Parameters in FL Studio

How to Map FL Studio VST Parameters

To start, read map knobs and sliders in FL Studio.

This article builds off it by using remove conflicts which is only available in remote control settings.

There’s two ways to assign multiple parameters to the same MIDI Controller knob in FL Studio:

  • Project Links (EASIEST + Recommended Way)
  • Using Control Surface with Global Links + Internal Controllers

The Control Surface + Global Links approach is not recommended.

Project Links: One Knob Multiple Parameters

Project Links is the easiest way to setup a single knob to control many plugins in FL Studio.

You simply RIGHT-CLICK a knob, and “Link to controller” is available.

Remove MIDI Mapping Links from a MIDI Controller in FL Studio
Link to Controller is available if you RIGHT-CLICK a plugin knob.
Can’t right-click a knob in a third-party plugin? View Multilink to Controllers.

Once you click Link to controller… the remote control settings window pops up, where you can see remove conflict.

Remote Control Settings for Mapping Knobs in FL Studio with Project Links
Remote Control Settings
Remove Conflicts to Allow One Knob to Adjust Lots of Parameters in FL Studio

Remove conflicts HAS TO BE DISABLED (not red) in order for you to map one knob to multiple parameters.

For clarity, you have to set up at least two different VST Parameters with “Link to controller” in order to use 1 knob to control multiple plugin parameters.

With remote control settings open, move your MIDI Keyboard knob. Do this for your next VST Parameter, and now your one knob should be moving multiple parameters!

Project Links only work in that same project, and work even if a window is not focused. You are not able to use that knob for anything else! Project Links are ORANGE in the Hint Panel!

Using Control Surface with Global Links + Internal Controllers

Global Links are the best way to get hands-on mixing in FL Studio.

But if you try to use Global Links to link multiple parameters to one knob on your MIDI Controller, it won’t work in FL Studio!

The only workaround is to setup a Control Surface (FL Studio stock plugin), create a knob, Global Link your knob to the Control Surface knob, then on any VST Parameter, we use an internal controller.

Creating a knob or slider in the Control Surface plugin automatically creates an internal controller.

Internal controllers are only available in the remote control settings, just like remove conflicts, as well as omni mode.

Control Surface Knob for Global Links
Control Surface Knob for Global Links
Then use Internal Controller through Link to Controller on VST Knobs we want to control multiple parameters (with remove conflicts disabled).

RIGHT-CLICK the Control Surface knob, and click Override global link to access Global Link Settings.

(Global Link Settings is very similar to Project Link’s Remote Control Settings!!)

With Global Link Settings open, move your MIDI Controller’s knob to map it to the Control Surface’s knob.

Now RIGHT-CLICK any VST Parameter and select Link to controller to access the Control Surface’s Internal Controller knob!

Make sure remove conflicts is disabled in remote control settings when using an Internal Controller to link FL Studio parameters.

Internal Controller (Available in Remote Control Settings Only!)
Internal Controller (Control Surface Knob!)
(Only Available in Remote Control Settings!)

The Control Surface window must be focused to use a Global Link, as that’s how Global Links work.

This isn’t only restricted to VST Plugins. You can set up Mixer Sliders, Channel Rack Volume, and more.

Global Links are most powerful for hands-on FL Studio Mixing. You can setup the same knob uniquely in each plugin, but just know the plugin window must be focused. Global Links are BLUE in the Hint Panel!

Conclusion: Using 1 Knob to Control Lots of Parameters of Plugins

That’s how to link one knob to many VST knobs in FL Studio!

Use Project Links and disable remove conflicts for easiest way.

The Control Surface approach is not recommended, but people often wonder why they can’t link a global link to multiple parameters, so I showed how you could do that.

Open the Control Surface, set a Global Link to a knob/slider within Control Surface, then use an Internal Controller through “Link to controller” on any knob/slider within FL Studio.

Here’s helpful resources for the best way to link knobs and sliders from a MIDI Controller in FL Studio:

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