In this FL Studio tutorial, we cover Project Links vs. Global Links.

When mapping VST parameters in FL Studio, we have the option to setup knobs only for that specific project (Project Links), or we can setup permanent controller links (Global Links).

It’s important you know the difference between a Project Link and Global Link for the BEST HANDS-ON FL STUDIO EXPERIENCE.

Project Links vs. Global Links in FL Studio
How to Setup Knobs and Sliders in FL Studio to your MIDI Controller

Project Links vs. Global Links Explained:

When setting up Project Links and Global Links, there’s different colors in FL Studio’s hint panel (in the top-left of FL Studio).


Project Links (Orange) will only be set up for that FL Studio project. The VST Window does not have to be focused to use a knob or slider in FL Studio. A Project Link takes precedence over a Global Link.

Project Link (Orange Knob Color)
Project Link
(Orange Knob Color)

Global Links (Blue) are how to setup permanent midi controls in FL Studio. The VST Windows has to be focused in order for the knob or slider to work in FL Studio. You need to setup each VST individually. This is very powerful for hands-on mixing in FL Studio.

Global Links (Blue Knob Color)
Global Links
(Blue Knob Color)

If a knob or slider is unassigned, it is GREEN. This means FL Studio recognizes your MIDI Controller.. you just need to map parameters in FL Studio. (This is good, and means you setup a MIDI Controller in FL Studio properly!)

Unassigned Knob (Green Knob Color)
Unassigned Knob
(Green Knob Color)

How to Map Knobs and Sliders in FL Studio?

Please read my article which explains in-depth how to map knobs in FL Studio, as well as how to remove midi mapping in FL Studio:

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Other Tips: Project Links and Global Links in FL Studio

A Project Link is most powerful if you want to quickly setup a knob for a single particular project. If you save the project, FL Studio will remember this Project Link mapping.

If you’ve setup a Global Link on a knob, then setup a Project Link, the Project Link will override the Global Link. If you remove the linked knob‘s Project Link, the Global Link becomes active again!

A Project Link is powerful in a live environment as the VST window does not have to be open, which means the knob always works!

Global Links can get really messy if you don’t know what you’re doing. To remove Global Links, you can unmap a parameter, or delete the FL Studio Global Links Mapping File to start fresh.


The Global Links file is located in:

C:\Users\[*USERNAME*]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Mapping\Generic\local

If you delete this file, then re-open FL Studio, you’ll be back to brand-new mapping.

If you purchased a new music production computer, then you can drag your backed up .flmapping file!

This allows you to get an amazing hands-on experience which you can bring with you (as long as you’re using the same MIDI Controller with the same CC Knob Mappings!)

Questions about Project Links and Global Links?

So there you go!

Project Links are Orange.. Global Links are Blue.. and if a knob is not assigned to any parameter, then it will be Green. (This is good, because you setup a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio right!)

Remember, the FL Studio’s hint panel is the #1 source for info 😁

For the most part, I like to use Global Links.

This allows me to setup each of my VST Plugins to knobs and sliders which I can reuse over and over.. whether that’s mixing music or making beats.

I highly suggest watching my Hands-On Mixing in FL Studio course.

We cover Mapping Formulas in FL Studio to customize knob and sliders curves (in addition to Project Links and Global Links).. I’m having the best hands-on mixing in FL Studio experience of my life right now!

Leave a comment if you have Project / Global Link questions..

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