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Hands-On Mixing in FL Studio

Want HANDS-ON MIXING in FL Studio?

Learn how to set up FL Studio global links for a phenomenal hands-on mixing workflow!

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This course will teach you how to get hands-on mixing in FL Studio with your MIDI Keyboard, WITHOUT needing motorized faders!

Note, the course focuses on FabFilter Plugins for a great hands-on workflow, but you are also shown how to get up and running with hands-on mixing in regards to FL Studio Stock Plugins (or other third-party plugins of your choice).

What is Covered?

You will learn how your MIDI Keyboard operates to understand “banks”.. which means you have many more knobs and sliders on your MIDI Keyboard than shown!  (For example, even though my MIDI Keyboard has 8 Knobs, and 9 Sliders, I actually have 32 Knobs and 36 Sliders over 4 different banks!):

You will then learn how to properly back-up FL Studio in regards to Global Links which will allow you to be as aggressive as you want, and know you can simply go back to the way things were, in case you mess anything up, and it gets out of hand!

We then cover the fundamental FabFilter plugins like Pro-C 2, Pro-Q 3, Pro-L 2, and Pro-MB.

FabFilter Hands-On Mixing Example using Pro-C 2 Compressor

You are shown in-depth how to set up these plugins with your MIDI Keyboard for hands-in mixing, and discover how to set up Mapping Formulas in creative ways to cater to your own mixing style.

I used the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard in this course, which I have been having a REALLY good experience with (see review):

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review for FL Studio DAW (49-Key Semi-Weighted)

Ready to Get Hands-On in FL Studio?

By enrolling into this course, you will be taught how to get hands-on mixing in FL Studio while using FabFilter plugins (but the concepts will relate to any plugin you use.. but I cannot promise you’ll get the same FabFilter experience.

Contact me if you have any questions.. members get this course, and all other courses to watch!


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Hands-On Mixing in FL Studio


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