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The Best FabFilter Plugins to Buy
(GratuiTous’ favorite FabFilter Plugins for FL Studio Mixing and Mastering)

FabFilter makes industry leading audio plugins.

I often share to be careful of third-party plugins you bring into your music production environment, and make sure a plugin is ACTUALLY WORTH using!

FabFilter were (and still are) the most innovative VST Plugin company.

It works like this.. Your DAW allows you to make your beats, but most DAWs struggle when accessing advanced audio features in the mixing/mastering.

For example, can your EQ do Mid/Side? Or EQ the LEFT channel unique from the RIGHT? (Not many plugins offer this).

This is where FabFilter comes in, and now gives you the best of both worlds.. making high-quality beats in your DAW, and advanced mixing/mastering tools!

I’ve used FabFilter since 2012, and cannot say how happy I’ve been with my purchase all these years.

FabFilter Pro Bundle VST Mixing / Mastering Plugins
The FabFilter Pro Bundle is what I personally own!
FabFilter Mastering Bundle
A great budget option to get most of the FabFilter plugins.

FabFilter Bundles can be purchased individually as well, but obviously the best savings is within a bundle. Also, if you purchase at PluginBoutique, you also get virtual cash back!

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 [Equalizer Plugin]

FabFilter-Pro-Q-3 - The BEST EQ for FL Studio
Pro-Q 3 by FabFilter (a must-have!)

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is by far the best Equalizer plugin I have ever used.

It’s pretty light on the CPU, and gives you tons of advanced features like Mid/Side EQ, Left/Right EQ, and even getting very aggressive filter cut-offs!

Pro-Q 3 also has dynamic EQ (which is like Multi-Band compression), but it doesn’t give you any control over an attack/release setting. It is very useful when certain frequencies are aggressive, or you want something to pop out a bit more!

FabFilter Pro-MB [Multi-Band Compressor]

FabFilter Pro-MB Multi-Band Mastering Compressor
Pro-MB by FabFilter – With great power comes great responsibility.. this is the nicest multi-band compressor I’ve ever used.

FabFilter Pro-MB is a very unique Multi-Band compressor. It works by creating bands (up to 6). Which means it can be used as a single-band compressor, or a 6 band compressor!

What’s really powerful is that it offers upwards and downwards compression, limiting, expansion, and gating!

FabFilter Pro-MB will change your audio world, giving you major control over your audio, with amazing functionality.

FabFilter Pro-C 2 [Single-Band Compressor Plugin]

FabFilter Pro-C 2 Compressor for Mastering - Showing Gain Reduction
Pro-C 2 by FabFilter – A Beautiful Compressor with many different built-in styles (who needs more compressor plugins?)

What I really like about Pro-C 2 by FabFilter is that is has many built-in compression styles. You can map this to a MIDI Knob, and switch up compression styles FAST while you mix.

All of FabFilter plugins are so visually pleasing, and Pro-C 2 is such a joy to use!

I actually really enjoyed Pro-C v1, as it had built-in mid/side compression at the same time.. Pro-C 2 only allows for MID compression or SIDE compression.. I’m not sure why they did that!

FabFilter Pro-L 2 [Limiter Plugin]

FabFilter Pro-L 2 Loudness Meter Example
Pro-L 2 by FabFilter is a world-class limiter with a built-in loudness meter

FabFilter Pro-L 2 was an impressive upgrade from Pro-L 1.

The built-in loudness meter alone is worth the money, as you’ll see some plugin developers selling a loudness meter for almost $200!

Just like Pro-C 2, there’s also different limiting types, as well as oversampling, and a super powerful built-in TRUE PEAK LIMITER and true peak metering.

The true peak meter is amazing, because it forces your audio to stay at your desired OUTPUT (currently -1dbTP is most common to prevent distortion in .MP3 export).

Looking to get your audio master loud? Try pushing your audio into Pro-L 2 by FabFilter, and see how transparent and loud you can get your music.

What FabFilter Bundle to Buy?

Honestly, if you’re going to go for it, I’d highly suggest the FabFilter Pro Bundle, which includes:

  • Pro-Q 3 [EQ]
  • Pro-C 2 [Single-Band Compression]
  • Pro-MB [Multi-Band Compression]
  • Pro-L 2 [Limiting + Loudness Meter!]
  • Pro-DS [Awesome De-Essing plugin]
  • Pro-G [Awesome gate plugin to reduce background noise]
  • Pro-R [Advanced reverb plugin – I don’t use this much]

I personally have used the Pro-Bundle since 2012, which I was able to get the education discount (because of my tutorials and FL Studio courses!).

Since then, I have purchased Pro-MB (which came out later), upgraded to Pro-Q 3 (I was on Pro-Q version 1 for years), Pro-C 2 (I was on Pro-C version 1 for years), and Pro-L 2 (I was also on Pro-L version 1 for years!)

FabFilter has become such a large part of my workflow and enjoyment in the studio with FL Studio.

If you make beats, and edit videos, you can use FabFilter in both environments to make the most of your money!

Wrapping Up.. What FabFilter Plugins to Purchase?

So I hope that helps you choose what Plugins to buy.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, okay?