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What Are the Best FabFilter Plugins to Buy for FL Studio

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FabFilter makes industry leading audio plugins. They can be used for music production (beatmaking, mixing, and mastering), or for content creation (vocal editing).

I have used FabFilter since 2012, and cannot say how happy of a customer I have been over all the years. In this article, I will tell you what are the best FabFilter plugins to purchase, and how to save money through their bundles!

Video overview of my favorite FabFilter plugins, which give the most control over audio.
FabFilter Mastering Bundle
Recommended for Beatmakers.
FabFilter Pro Bundle
Recommended for Content Creators.

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How to Buy FabFilter Plugins

I suggest buying FabFilter plugins via PluginBoutique (you receive virtual cash back, and they often give away a free plugin with purchase.. watch for sales!)

Individual FabFilter plugins can be bought, but buying FabFilter Plugin Bundles provides the best discount (you usually save at least one FabFilter plugin worth in value!)

What are the Best FabFilter Plugins to Buy?

It’s important to understand that there are audio processing plugins, and effect plugins.

FabFilter audio processing plugins are what give you the FabFilter experience. (This is the intuitive workflow, and ability to quickly test your sounds for the best choice in your music).

Effects are things like reverb and delay. They are useful to have, but first look at the core audio processing plugins first.

The FabFilter audio processing plugins I recommend (in order) are:

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 [Equalizer Plugin]

FabFilter-Pro-Q-3 - The BEST EQ for FL Studio

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is by far the best Equalizer plugin I have ever used. It is a must have!

FL Studio has the best beatmaking workflow, and combined with FabFilter’s Pro-Q 3, you get the best of both worlds.

Remember, be careful about the audio plugins you bring into your music production environment..

I highly recommend Pro-Q 3 eq plugin.

FabFilter Pro-MB [Multi-Band Compressor]

FabFilter Pro-MB Multi-Band Compression Plugin [Compression, Limiting, Expansion, Gate]
Multi-band compression is the secret to having full control while mastering, doing vocal editing, and controlling overall tone of a single sound. (And FabFilter makes it so intuitive!)

FabFilter Pro-MB is not just a multi-band compressor. It can also be used as a single-band compressor, if you just create one band!

It can be used for compression and limiting, but Pro-MB plugin also gives the option for expansion and gate!

Expansion is very useful for turning down audio (such as breaths in between words, or computer fan noise), as a gate has a very extreme effect of on/off… so the flexibility of expansion is very useful.

FabFilter Pro-MB will change your audio world, giving you major control over your audio, with amazing functionality. Be sure to watch my video above which shows my set Pro-MB set-up.

Click here to view Pro-MB @ PluginBoutique.com

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FabFilter Pro-C 2 [Single-Band Compressor Plugin]

FabFilter Pro-C 2 Compressor Plugin
Compress your audio with great insight and flexibility. Control the variable knee, use the range knob to dial back extreme compression, or even take advantage of the hold and internal/external sidechain compression filter!

FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a great compressor plugin that is so pleasing on the eyes. But yes, it obviously sounds great, and gives TONS of flexibility.

It comes with many different styles of compressor types built-into Pro-C 2 like Clean, Classic, Opto, Mastering, Vocal, Punch, and Pumping..

In other words, it’s like having many different styles of compressor all built into one plugin (which works well, and gives you a familiar interface).

Compression is one of the secret tools of a music producer (see my compression course), and Pro-C 2 allows you to harness the power fully.. (both visually, and with functionality).

Buy FabFilter Pro-C 2 @ PluginBoutique.com

FabFilter Pro-L 2 [Limiter Plugin]

FabFilter Pro-L 2 Limiter Plugin

To complete the beat in the mastering stage, we use a limiter.

FabFilter Pro-L 2 was an impressive upgrade from Pro-L (version 1).

We now get a built-in loudness meter, ability to audition limiting (hear what’s being limited to monitor how much distortion is happening), and many other new additions and improvements!

I’ve always loved pushing Pro-L 2 as hard as it can go (which is pretty hard), and completes my recommended FabFilter audio processing plugins list!

Now, be sure to keep reading to figure out what FabFilter Plugin Bundle you should buy to save the most money.

Buy FabFilter Pro-L 2 @ PluginBoutique.com

What Kind of Audio Do You Do?

It’s important to know where you stand in the audio industry before purchasing.

What I’m saying is beatmaker vs content creator.

Before You Launch Your Music Career

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A beatmaker will make their beat, then need audio tools to mix and master their music.

FabFilter mixing plugins give full control into all aspects of your audio (mid/side), and are such a joy to use as mastering plugins, too! (They can go full screen, are amazing to learn off of, and have advanced tools when you are ready to advance to that stage).

I suggest the FabFilter Mastering Bundle for Beatmakers.

The Mastering Bundle features the four core FabFilter audio plugins I mentioned above that are essential for having full control over your audio.

Note, there is an essentials bundle, but it does not include Pro-MB (a must-have!) or Pro-L 2 (a super awesome limiter!)..

The FabFilter Mastering Bundle (recommended for Beatmakers) includes:

  • Pro-Q 3 [EQ Plugin]
  • Pro-MB [Multi-Band Compressor Plugin]
  • Pro-C 2 [Single-Band Compressor Plugin]
  • Pro-L 2 [ Limiter Plugin]

Content Creator

I really think content creators would benefit from FabFilter’s Pro Bundle.

In addition to the four core plugins above (Pro-Q 3, Pro-MB, Pro-C 2, and Pro-L 2), you get Pro-R (their very complex reverb), Pro-DS (an awesome De-Essing plugin.. great for vocal work), and Pro-G (a gate/expander plugin to reduce quiet sounds in your audio like a computer fan, or even de-breathing a recording!)

You get a total of 7 FabFilter plugins with a hefty discount in FabFilter Pro Bundle.

The Pro Bundle contains these plugins by FabFilter:

  • Pro-Q 3 [EQ]
  • Pro-MB [Multi-Band Compression]
  • Pro-C 2 [Single-Band Compression]
  • Pro-L 2 [Limiting – Lots of Flexibility!]
  • Pro-R [Advanced reverb plugin]
  • Pro-DS [Awesome light-weight De-Essing plugin]
  • Pro-G [Awesome gate plugin to reduce background noise for professional audio sound]

I personally have used the Pro-Bundle since 2012, which I was able to get the education discount (because of my tutorials and FL Studio courses!). Since then, I have purchased Pro-MB (which came out later), upgraded to Pro-Q 3 (I was on Pro-Q version 1 for years), Pro-C 2 (I was on Pro-C version 1 for years), and Pro-L 2 (I was also on Pro-L version 1 for years!)

FabFilter has become such a large part of my workflow and enjoyment in the studio with FL Studio. They are a part of my everyday vocal chain, mastering chain, and overall workflow.

So let me repeat my suggestion one more time to you!

Wrapping Up.. What FabFilter Plugins to Purchase?

So I hope that helps you choose what Plugins to buy.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, okay?

Watch my video above about what FabFilter plugins to get!



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