M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script [FL Studio]

The free M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script by GratuiTous works for the Oxygen Pro Mini, 25-Key, 49-Key, and 61-Key models.

Start with my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Resource Page !

Download it on the Image-Line forum thread here.

There’s also my Premium Oxygen Pro Template.

OXYGENPROv2 is the latest version of the Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

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The free Oxygen Pro MIDI Script sets up the LOOP transport button properly.

However, you also need to set the M-Audio Oxygen Pro to EXTERNAL, which can be on the keyboard by holding “TEMPO SYNC”, and selecting EXTERNAL. (Doing it this way resets each time you turn on the M-Audio Oxygen Pro. 👎)

LEARN: Set External Mode on M-Audio Oxygen Pro

To permanently set EXTERNAL, install the free M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor, create your own template, and send that into the M-Audio Oxygen Pro.

If you want an easy solution to “just setup the oxygen pro easy”, then my Premium Oxygen Pro Template does that for you.

This FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script gets installed on MIDIIN3, and sets up your transport buttons.

Premium comes with an additional MIDI Script to be installed on “Oxygen Pro”. (Only required if you want to follow the new drum pad workflow in v2!) Learn more here >>

How to Install FL Studio MIDI Script

Simply view Where to Install FL Studio MIDI Script!

A MIDI Script is a .py file (python) that gets installed in:

Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Settings/Hardware

If you know python code, you can modify a MIDI Controller in FL Studio!

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Resources:

Start with my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Page which includes:

Use this link to see Oxygen Pro Template Updates.

Do you need the premium template? No, but if “just want the keyboard to work”, then it’s the easiest solution. (V2 now offers a really cool drum pad workflow in FL Studio.. V1 also included if you just want normal oxygen pro operation, but want it set up easy).

Questions? Email me directly!

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