Please view my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Area.

The help area is an easy way download my free M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, and provides helpful guidance for how to use the MIDI Keyboard with FL Studio.

For a better experience, try my Premium Oxygen Pro Template.

The free M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script by GratuiTous works for the Oxygen Pro Mini, 25-Key, 49-Key, and 61-Key models.

OXYGENPROv2 is the latest version of the Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

What does the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script Do?

My free Oxygen Pro MIDI Script sets up the LOOP transport button so that you can switch between song and pattern mode in FL Studio.

However, you’ll find the transport buttons are still buggy because TEMPO SYNC is set to INTERNAL.

Please read my Getting Started with M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio.

More M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script Info

For more information, read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard Review.

And here’s How to Setup a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio.


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