Oxygen Pro

How to Compress Dance Drums - FabFilter Pro-C 2 Tutorial

How to Compress Dance Drums

How to Compress Dance Drums, and dial in the ATTACK, RELEASE, and HOLD Settings. (FabFilter Pro-C 2 Tutorial)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio v2.1 (Oxygen Pro Preset Editor User Preset)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v2.1 – UPDATE

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template v2.1 Update by GratuiTous for the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard.

How to Use Arpeggios in FL Studio

How to Use Arpeggios in FL Studio

How to use arpeggios in FL Studio with the Channel Sampler Arpeggiator and Piano Roll Arpeggiator to make powerful arpeggios in FL Studio.

MIDI Keyboard Pullout Tray

New MIDI Keyboard Pull Out Tray [Custom Built]

My CUSTOM MADE MIDI Keyboard Pullout Tray for increased comfort and workflow.. made from drawer slides (that you’d use in kitchen drawers!)

How to Use Piano as a Keyboard in FL Studio (Without a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller)

How to Use Keyboard as Piano in FL Studio

How to use a computer keyboard as a piano in FL Studio without using a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller by enabling Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard.

Omni Preview MIDI Channel in FL Studio Settings

What is Omni Preview in FL Studio

Omni Preview allows you to map channel rack drums to MIDI Keys or Drum Pads without using the FPC plugin to trigger notes in the Channel Rack starting from C5 and only using white notes!

What is Omni Mode in FL Studio

What is Omni Mode in FL Studio

Omni mode in FL Studio allows you to set up one knob to control the same parameter off similar channels. Use it with Pickup (takeover mode) for a decent hands-on FL Studio mixing experience.

How to Fix FL Studio Mod Wheel (Modulation Wheel Setup)

How to Fix the Mod Wheel in FL Studio

How to fix mod wheel in FL Studio by enabling omni mode, and assigning modulation wheel to CC #1, which is the MIDI Specification. (And setup mod wheel as a global link).

M-Audio-Oxygen-Pro-Premium-Template-v2 for FL Studio DAW MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v2 – UPDATE

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v2 Update for FL Studio Users now includes a new drum pad layout workflow.

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