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I wanted to quickly share a new update to my music studio.

I installed a custom midi keyboard pull-out tray!

(These pictures show in/out positions.. CLICK TO VIEW IMAGES BIGGER):

MIDI Keyboard Tray Pushed In
MIDI Keyboard Tray Pushed In
MIDI Keyboard Tray Pulled Out
MIDI Keyboard Tray Pulled Out

For those new, I use an adjustable keyboard tray for my typing keyboard and mouse.. The only problem is it pushes the MIDI Keyboard far from you, making it hard for hands-on mixing!

It causes pain in the shoulders, back, and it’s hard on the arms!

Custom-Built MIDI Keyboard Pullout Tray

The custom MIDI Keyboard Tray took me one evening to make.. and it’s exactly what I wanted!

Here’s two quick videos showing opening / closing the MIDI Keyboard Tray!

Pull Out MIDI Keyboard Tray [Open Example]
Pull Out MIDI Keyboard Tray [Close Example]
Sorry for the foot.. had no way of holding camera with a wide view on the action! 😁

How was the MIDI Keyboard Pull Out Tray Made?

I purchased kitchen drawer slides (I made sure they were medium grade quality for smooth pullout.. these ones weren’t “soft closing”).

I bolted wood to the desk, then screwed the drawer sliders to that wood!

Then, on the sliders, I attached plywood on top!

Drawer Slides installed onto wood bolted into desk.
Slides installed on a slight angle for even BETTER comfort!
To give context, this image shows the MIDI Keyboard focused, rather than the sliders.

The end result is a very smooth MIDI Keyboard pull out platform!

This allows me to take advantage of the NEW M-Audio Oxygen Pro V2 Template to open plugins for hands-on mixing! It’s been awesome so far!

Also.. you will probably need a monitor arm to create a “floating space” under the MIDI Keyboard for storage.

Wrapping Up: Custom MIDI Keyboard Tray

Now I can sit back and mix hands-on with the MIDI Keyboard close to my body!

I’m so excited for my upcoming music, and FL Studio Training for you!

By the way.. Season 3 of Music Production Made Simple Podcast is now released! (See the link below).