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MIDI Keyboard

What to Look for When Buying a MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio

Learn how to buy a MIDI Keyboard when using FL Studio. I look for quality semi-weighted keys, and transport buttons that work properly.

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beat making equipment to make beats

Beat Making Equipment Needed to Make Beats

What beatmaking equipment is needed to make radio ready hits? Speakers, microphones, audio interfaces, midi keyboards, etc.

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midi keyboards for beatmakers

The Best MIDI Keyboards for Beatmakers in FL Studio

Here is a list of the best midi keyboards at the most affordable prices. A lot of MIDI Keyboard makers pack features into these products, but also tack on the price with them. A lot of features are not necessary, and you get the same results regardless, the features could help workflow a bit though.

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How to Set Up a MIDI Keyboard (or Controller)

Setting up a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller is very easy. (Just like setting up an Audio Interface) Just remember this – USB is MIDI! …

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