is a dedicated platform to learn FL Studio, focused on beatmakers, with 35 FL Studio Courses inside!

The website is run by GratuiTous (Riley Weller), who is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer! (He’s released tons of music, and worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated Recording Artist).

Recognized FL Studio Trainer - GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
Riley Weller (GratuiTous) - Recognized FL Studio Trainer

Besides good FL Studio Course reviews, GratuiTous is also an author of many FL Studio Books! (Author name: Riley Weller).

His most popular Books about FL Studio are FL Studio Beginner Book and SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops.

How did GratuiTous Start Making Beats?

In 2009 he was introduced to FL Studio by his good friend Big B.

After trying the demo of FL Studio for about 3 months, he decided to take the leap and purchase FL Studio, entering into the world of music production where he had no idea what he was doing.

Thankfully, helpful FL Studio Tutorials were available, from the original FL Studio Guru (Scott Fisher) and NFX, which helped him get past the very hard learning curve music production.

Every night he’d practice beatmaking after his electrician job.. but the world of trades was not for Riley.. and becoming extremely passionate for making beats was not helping!

In 2011, he quit his electrician job to venture into beatmaking education with his first website

Beatstruggles Logo Hat
All my FL Studio Training is now on this website, 🙂

Sadly, not able to generate enough revenue from Beatstruggles (music production education) and (which offered huge discounts on top-notch drum kits at the time), he headed back to finish his Electrical Red Seal, knowing that teaching FL Studio was his true passion.

This proved to be a great decision, while still building his music production education platform in the evenings.

In 2018, he launched version 1 of his beatmaker training platform for FL Studio Users; the first time students could become members to watch all the FL Studio courses.

In 2020, the version 2 revamp was launched with a growing catalog of FL Studio courses.

In 2023, Version 3 of the Beatmaker Training Platform launched, which contains:

  • 35 FL Studio Courses
  • 92 Hours of Beatmaking Education!
  • 524 FL Studio Tutorials / Videos
  • Value: $1149 if courses bought individually!

Learn FL Studio (FREE and Paid)

GratuiTous offers free FL Studio Tutorials and Resources:

And there’s lots of student reviews in the platform:

👨‍🎓 Reviews [FL Studio Courses] 👩‍🎓

FL Studio Podcast (MPMS):

Music Production Made Simple is GratuiTous’ podcast to keep members up to date with the platform, and FL Studio tips:

Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
Music Production Made Simple Podcast
A podcast about FL Studio and Beatmaking hosted by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

There’s been many seasons of the beatmaking podcast so far:

Start on Season 1 for the best experience!

Subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts, just search for Music Production Made Simple.

FREE Beatmaking Tools

I have many free FL Studio Tools on my free page.

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Real Reviews, Great Results

Student Reviews of FL Studio Courses by GratuiTous (Riley Weller) Reviews [FL Studio Courses]

Sometimes people need reviews for proof if my beatmaker training platform will help them..

First, listen to Music by GratuiTous to see I’m a producer first, educator second. This means I still make beats, and bring relevant information to the trainings.

Second, here’s student reviews of the platform:

You may also be interested in member interviews I’ve had.

Beatmaking is Hard at First..

But don’t give up!

The first 3 months are super hard.. there’s many ups and downs all throughout producer life.. understand your music won’t be the best in your first years.. and you constantly have to read and practice to see results.

At first you see big results, but later on, results are much harder to notice.. but if you look years back, you’ll see how far you’ve come.. don’t give up!

DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS.. it makes you feel bad.. especially if you’re still new and learning.

Learning music production, I’ve gained these skills:

  • How to make professional beats
  • Advanced coding to make my website do what I want!
  • How to run a business focused on music production
  • How to write beatmaking books about FL Studio
  • How to run a podcast about music production
  • Truly helping students reach their music goals

Students of all ages have joined the platform, with many seeing VERY good results (ages 15-50+!)

This is because I stayed focused, and like reading & learning!

This is how to find my own sound as a producer, not worrying about specific music genres.

First get your career in place, and build your music skills on the side. This is what I did, which allowed me to reach my music goals! Who would have known over 50,000 students would take my FL Studio? Thank-you so much for your business and support!

FL Studio Video Training:

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) – FL Studio Trainer

Where to Start with your FL Studio Beatmaking Education?

A lot of students first start with my FL Studio Beginner’s Bundle.

Once discovering my to the point beatmaking education style, they then jump to my COURSE PATHWAYS.

Course Pathways is like a college curriculum for beatmakers!

(Remember, anyone can learn a music program, but not everyone can learn to make beats.. course pathways teaches how to make custom beats!)

It’s easy! Just watch Course Pathways from Beginner to Advance.. Within 3 months you’ll see great results!

Make Money in Music Without Selling Beats

Making money in the music industry is tricky if you follow Jesus.

I used to sell beats (worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated Artist) but learned this was wrong regarding the Gospel.. because music teaching Jesus is in a different playing field..

In other words, it’s selling the word of God which should be free..

Learn more in this podcast episode.

Also, if you follow Jesus and sell beats to be used for music with profanity, this also doesn’t align with the Bible’s morals..

That’s why I just teach music production instead.  It’s been amazing, and I’ve built awesome relationships with students.

Just be aware of your actions.. because “doing music” is everyone’s dream.. but money and fame aren’t what you think.

Build your career first, and keep music second, and you may find how it fits into your life for your benefit!

Still Have Questions for Me?

Online FL Studio Lessons:

Book FL Studio Lessons with me!

These are 1 hour video sessions over Zoom or Skype to talk over microphones and share screens to quickly get to the point.

FL Studio Lessons - 1-ON-1 Private Video Beatmaking Lessons
FL Studio Lessons with GratuiTous (Recognized FL Studio Trainer)

Most students just need 1 or 2 lessons with me to be on their way.

Use this FL Studio Lesson to answer questions you’re stuck with for straight to the point answers!

A Fun Fact About GratuiTous..

I was an electrician for 10 years in Canada!

However.. I knew beatmaking was my true passion. Logo - Riley Weller
I also run a blog called
A Big Electrical Switch (Maybe 600-1200amps!)
A Big Electrical Switch
Preparing a big 12x12 electrical boxes for EMT pipe to connect to.
Bending EMT Pipe (wires get pushed through pipes into boxes to splice!)

Learn FL Studio with GratuiTous

I’ll just recap how I can help you get started with FL Studio. There’s free and paid options:

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far! If my FL Studio Videos and Training have helped over my years, I’d love to hear from you!

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