Interviews with students of GratuiTous who have joined the platform.

MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Avandar [Oct. 14, 2021]

Interview #5 features Avandar for a second time, and brings so much confidence this time with his continued growth as a producer! He tells new producers to be careful on YouTube, as even though there’s helpful videos, there’s not much guidance..

MEMBER INTERVIEW #4 – James [Sept 20, 2021]

Interview #4 features James. He emailed me about how useful he’s found my FL Studio Training Platform, and in this interview, he talks about all the traps new producers fall into and waste money and time on!

MEMBER INTERVIEW #3 – Khordon Blu [Nov. 30, 2020]

Interview #3 is with Khordon Blu, a student who booked 6-7 FL Studio Lessons with me! He shares his beat tape, and how he overcame the hard early stages of making beats.

MEMBER INTERVIEW #2 – Joe [Sept. 17 2020]

Member Interview #2 is with Joe, a self-motivated individual who likes to read and truly seek for his answer. He got his start with my FL Studio Beginner Book and FL Studio Beginner course.

MEMBER INTERVIEW #1 – Avandar [Sept 13, 2020]

Member Interview #1 of GratuiTous’ Dedicated Platform to Learn FL Studio. Listen to how Avandar learned to make dance music in FL Studio with me!

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Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
S3E1 – Digital Spring Cleaning

The first episode of Season 3 talks about how to spring clean your digital life to be efficient for the long-term as a music producer in the online world.

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