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MEMBER INTERVIEW #3 – Khordon Blu [Nov. 30, 2020]

Welcome back to student interview #3!

This student’s producer name is Khordon Blu!

I’ve had at least six-to-seven 1-on-1 FL Studio Lessons with Khordon Blu!

He has tremendous passion and perseverance. I was truly impressed when he shared his beat tape with me, with very powerful branding!

Enjoy the interview.. Watch All Interviews Here.

MEMBER INTERVIEW #3 – Khordon Blu [Nov. 30, 2020]

After Khordon Blu shared his beat tape, I wanted to do an interview showing how far he’s come!

What impressed me most was how Khordon Blu truly did his own thing. I felt no copying or impersonation.. which is the only way to truly find your own sound as a producer. Keep at it!!!

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