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Audio Painting

Audio Painting is a term I have coined over the years on my blog.

The idea is that we producers have many tools available to us which allow us to communicate with our listener throughout our song.

We use these tools to paint a picture for our listener to prepare them for what’s ahead.

Once you have your eyes opened to this concept, I believe you will have a much different outlook on your music productions.

Safe Spots

Safe Spots is another term that I have coined.

They are areas in our drum loop where we can place our sounds for them to sound good no matter what.

As a producer, it’s important to understand basic sound placement as this allows us to focus our time on the creative aspects of music production.

Once you have your eyes revealed to the concept of Safe Spots, you will be able to create your music much faster, as well as have more confidence in your beatmaking decisions.

Proper Producer Mindset

Music producers have become copy cats!

If you’re on the trend train, you’re stealing from your artistic abilities to truly surprise yourself, and build a lifelong fan base towards your music.

Proper Producer Mindset will introduce you to staying true to yourself, protecting yourself in this industry, and building a fan base who likes you and your music for you.

Once your music is out there, it’s out there.

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