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M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Setup and Installation Guides

Welcome to my M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard FL Studio Help Manuals.

This is my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Area specifically for FL Studio Users.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Area by GratuiTous (FL Studio Oxygen Pro Help Manuals)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Area

These Oxygen Pro Help Manuals share How to Install Oxygen Pro MIDI Script in FL Studio, how to use the Oxygen Pro Preset Editor to Import Templates, how to fix the oxygen pro bugs I know of, and my drum pad FL Studio workflow.

There is my FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, as well as my PAID Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template, which supports the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MINI, 25-Key, 49-Key and 61-Key models. (If you use 88-Key Hammer, I can add support for it).

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - Semi-Weighted Keys
M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio

Oxygen Pro Free MIDI Script vs. Paid Add-On Oxygen Pro Template

When first starting with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio, it was very buggy & the Oxygen Pro Help Manual was not very useful.. I spent hours figuring out a rock solid setup (which I’m now enjoying very much!)

The first problem is you need to make sure the Oxygen Pro’s TEMPO SYNC is set to EXTERNAL. You can create your own preset and send it into the MIDI Keyboard with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor.. (or use my Oxygen Pro FL Studio Preset).

The second problem is DAW MODE is buggy in FL Studio, so each time you turn on the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard, just press PRESET button for a great experience!

The third problem is M-Audio recommends using “Mackie Control Universal” for a controller type on MIDIIN3.. but it doesn’t make the LOOP Button switch Song and Pattern Mode. This is solved with my FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

You’ll then want to Install Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, which gets installed in FL Studio’s Hardware folder inside your Image-Line folder in Documents.

Simply set this FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script on MIDIIN3, and test your LOOP Button to make sure it switches between Song and Pattern Mode 👍.

That’s it if you just want my free oxygen pro midi script experience.

Premium Oxygen Pro Template Experience:

My Premium Oxygen Pro FL Preset now comes with TWO Versions.

Version 1 is if you want a basic Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard FL Studio experience to use your keys, drum pads, knobs, sliders, etc. The initial Oxygen Pro setup was tricky, so V1 provides a done-for-you easy import.

But over time, I had the idea of using the Oxygen Pro’s Drum Pads as a way to navigate FL Studio since I do not use drum pads to make beats. This drum pad workflow allows us to change plugin presets, and get a much more hands-on FL Studio experience.

Both versions are included in the purchase, and you can decide to use either one.. a basic MIDI Keyboard, or this drum pad FL Studio navigation experience.

I recommend the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard to students of my FL Studio Training Platform.

Keep reading my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Manuals to see how it all works, or you can read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review.

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