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This article covers how to install M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware for the 49-Key, but should apply to all Oxygen Pro Models (Mini, 25-Key, 61-Key, and 88-Key).

This is for Oxygen Pro Firmware v2.1.2 for Windows

Updating M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware

Where to Download M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware?

Visit the M-Audio Updates and Drivers page.

Alternatively, if you visit M-Audio.com, hover Support -> Updates & Drivers.

Then make sure to follow this step-by-step:

  • Under Series, select “Keyboard Controllers”.
  • Select Oxygen Pro model in “Product”
  • Select your OS (Operating System)


Update M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware [M-Audio Support & Drivers]
Update M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware
[M-Audio Support & Drivers Page]

Under Firmware Updates, download the firmware under the File column:

Download M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware

Update Process Oxygen Pro Firmware:

IMPORTANT – Backup Custom Oxygen Pro Presets BEFORE updating firmware!

Make sure to follow the READ ME .PDF instructions in the firmware download. I will not be liable for any damages to your Oxygen Pro 🙂.

Here’s the step-by-step firmware installation process:

  1. Turn off the Oxygen Pro
  2. While holding SHIFT, BANK <, and BANK >, turn on Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard. (You’ll see an “Oxygen Series Updating” mode on the Oxygen Pro’s screen!)
  3. Launch Oxygen Pro Firmware Update.exe
  4. Load Oxygen Pro.DAT file, press “Update”, and wait for completion. (As mentioned my video above, my update froze.. so I closed the “Oxygen Pro Firmware Update” and tried again.. it then worked well for me.)
  5. Power off Oxygen Pro.
  6. Hold Octave – and + buttons while turning the Oxygen Pro back on.
  7. Your Oxygen Pro should have the new firmware. Now you can load your Custom Oxygen Pro Presets, like my Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template.

Here’s an image of what the Oxygen Pro Firmware Updater looks like:

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware Updater [V1.0.0]
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware Updater [V1.0.0]

Find Which Version the Oxygen Pro is On?

I cannot find a way to see what version my M-Audio Oxygen Pro is on..

If you know a way, let me know and I’ll update this!

RECAP – Updating Oxygen Pro Firmware

That’s how you update M-Audio Oxygen Pro Firmware!

Please read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Articles for more info.

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