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Setup M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio [QUICK START]

This page will explain step-by-step how to install & setup the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio.

The other articles in my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Help Area go in more detail.

Getting Started with M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio [Installation Guide]

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Guide:

There’s two approaches you can take.

There’s a 100% free version which fixes the Oxygen Pro Transport Buttons for normal operation, or there’s my Paid FL Studio Template for easy installation (no figuring out), and gives my drum pad FL Studio workflow.

Step 1: Oxygen Pro MIDI Script

First, Download FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

This free FL Studio MIDI Script sets up the transport buttons for normal operation, and ensures the LOOP Button switches Song & Pattern mode.

This is how I’ve known default operation of a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio:

  • PLAY = PLAY (If No Audio Playing, it Plays. If Audio Playing, it Pauses)
  • STOP = STOP (1 Press Stops, 2 Presses Resets)
  • LOOP BUTTON = Change Between Song / Pattern Mode
  • RECORD = Enabled / Disable Record
  • FORWARD = Goes 1 Bar Forward
  • BACK = Goes 1 Bar Back

Next, Install Oxygen Pro MIDI Script in FL Studio to learn where to drag the FL Studio MIDI Script, and how to enable & set it up.

Step 2: PRESET vs. DAW Mode

Hold DAW button, and select “FL ST.” (Use “PUSH TO ENTER” knob to save!)

Then press PRESET MODE.

DAW Mode is buggy, and gives a bad FL Studio experience!!!

Always use PRESET MODE with M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio each time you turn on the MIDI Keyboard!!


Make sure to set TEMPO SYNC to EXTERNAL. INTERAL is why the Transport Buttons can be intermittent in FL Studio and double press (you press play, and it instantly plays then pauses.. EXTERNAL permanently fixes this).

To do this yourself, install M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor.

But again, my Premium Oxygen Pro Template sets this up for you, too.

Step 4: Oxygen Pro Setup Complete!

If you’re only using my FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, that’s it!

If you are interested, see What Premium Oxygen Pro FL Template Can Do!

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