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M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]

How to Install FL Studio MIDI Script:

It’s easy to install a MIDI Script in FL Studio:

  1. Download your MIDI Script
  2. Drag the .py file into Documents/FL Studio
  3. Enable MIDI Script in FL Studio

Download MIDI Script

Download M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.

Where to Install MIDI Script in FL Studio

FL Studio stores MIDI Scripts in your Documents:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware

Within Hardware, create a folder of your MIDI Device, then drag in the .py file.

If you use my Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, just drag the OXYGENPRO folder into Hardware (it contains a file for you!).

Enable and Activate MIDI Script

In FL Studio, go Options -> MIDI Settings (F10 is shortcut).

Under Input, make sure to enable (turns green):

  • Oxygen Pro 49
  • MIDIIN3 (Oxygen Pro 49)

For the FREE MIDI Script, highlight MIDIIN3, click Controller type drop-down, and select OXYGENPROv2 under Scripts.

For the Premium Preset v2, highlight Oxygen Pro 49, click Controller type drop-down, and select OXYGENPROv2-PREMIUM under Scripts.

Load MIDI Script in FL Studio under Controller Type Location

If you can’t see custom MIDI Scripts in FL Studio, just close and reopen FL Studio.

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