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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset for FL Studio - Premium User Preset for M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor (FL Studio DAW)
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template [FL Studio]

Advanced Oxygen Pro Settings:

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro has a Global Settings if you press SHIFT and GLOBAL at the same time to access important features like Piano Key Sensitivity, and Drum Pad Pressure.

Below the video I share the best FL Studio Oxygen Pro settings for you to reference.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Settings

Best M-Audio Oxygen Pro Settings:

  • G.CHAN = 1
  • PROG. = 0
  • B.MSB. = 0
  • B.LSB. = 0
  • KEY OCT. = 0
  • KEY TRAN = 0
  • PC = WIN. (or Mac if you use Mac!)

And that’s how I setup the M-Audio Oxygen Pro’s Settings for FL Studio use.

Some further notes:

K.SENS. is the Piano Key Sensitivity. I personally liked LINEAR. You can also try LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH, but I found LINEAR gave most natural results. Additionally, I would avoid any of the FIXED (the FIXED 64, FIXED 100, or FIXED 127), as then your piano keys will not have human recorded input.

When making beats, when notes are different velocities, this is very important for a much more musical sound with bounce. If all notes are the same velocity, your music will sound very static and rigid. If you didn’t record your piano in FL Studio right, you can always adjust velocity on an individual note afterward!

Having piano keys that are velocity sensitive is crucial for doing the bulk of the work to ensure your music has better groove, and a more human sound to digital music.

PD SENS. is the Drum Pad Pressure Sensitivity. As mentioned above, I also keep this on LINEAR for the reasons mentioned above.

In the M-Audio Oxygen Pro’s Global Settings, you can also adjust your MIDI Keyboard’s Global Channel in case you’re using outboard equipment, or want to do something funky. I keep this on 1.

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