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M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]

5-Part Video Series: Oxygen Pro Setup

This is my quick start M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio setup video series.

This page contains 5 videos sharing how to setup the oxygen pro, and what to look for before buying a MIDI Keyboard.

Video 1: Getting Started Guide for M-Audio Oxygen Pro

Video #1 covers the problems I faced with the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio, but after figuring out the problems, it turned out to be an awesome MIDI Keyboard!

Read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review.

Video 2: What is a MIDI Keyboard? (How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard)

Buying a MIDI Keyboard is really tricky when new because you may think a more expensive MIDI Keyboard is better.. but it’s actually not!

The most important thing to understand is..


Sadly, most reviews don’t talk about what DAW the MIDI Keyboard is good for..

My information about the Oxygen Pro is specifically for FL Studio users.

Also, remember, a MIDI Keyboard does not have sounds in it by itself, so a $100 vs. $500 MIDI Keyboard doesn’t give you better sounds.. often just better build quality and features (which features many times don’t work for your specific DAW..)

In short, this is what I look for in a MIDI Keyboard:

  • Semi Weighted Piano Keys (feel better than cheap keys)
  • Transport Buttons must have: PLAY, STOP, LOOP, RECORD, FORWARD, BACK
  • I like a 49-Key Model.. (it’s more affordable, and fits better on the desk)

Video 3: Normal MIDI Keyboard Operation in FL Studio

I’ve tried a quite a few MIDI Keyboards over the years, so this video breaks down what I’ve seen for default MIDI Keyboard operation in FL Studio.

The biggest takeaway is having the LOOP button to switch between song and pattern mode in FL Studio for a fast workflow.

Video 4: Installing MIDI Script in FL Studio (Free Oxygen Pro MIDI Script)

I’ve included this video for completeness of this series…

However, please read Getting Started with Oxygen Pro in FL Studio.

Or my updated Install Oxygen Pro MIDI Script in FL Studio article.

For clarification:

Video 5: How to Map MIDI Knobs and Sliders in FL Studio

Video #5 shares how to set up knobs and sliders in FL Studio.

For further information, you can learn more about FL Studio Project Links vs. Global Links.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Questions?

I hope this answered many M-Audio Oxygen Pro questions for FL Studio users!

I personally give a good M-Audio Oxygen Pro review.

To learn more, read Getting Started with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro.

If you have questions, just contact me.

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