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M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]

Oxygen Pro Preset Editor Walkthrough

Here’s a quick M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor tutorial to setup the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio. (Applies to Oxygen Pro Mini, 25-Key, 49-Key, 61-Key, and 88-Key!)

For more info, visit Getting Started with M-Audio Oxygen Pro.

This article is for FL Studio Users using the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard.

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Download M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor

There’s two ways to download M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor:

  1. Log into your account and download the M-Audio Software Manager (the best way)
  2. Download Oxygen Pro Preset Editor from M-Audio’s Drivers Page

I’ll share the M-Audio Software Manager approach (option 1).

Go to the M-Audio website, and “Account” -> “Sign In

Sign into your M-Audio Account via “Account” -> “Sign In”

Once logged in, “Account” -> “My Products” will be available, which shows your product serial numbers and various product resource downloads.

Image from Oct. 28, 2021 – The Oxygen Pro Preset Editor as well as Oxygen Pro Firmware have been updated since.

Download and install the Preset Editor, and it looks like this:

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - PRESET EDITOR
M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Preset Editor (v1.0.2)

How to Use M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor

The top of the Preset Editor has Preset, DAW, and Global.

Additionally, you’ll use File in the top left a lot!

In FL Studio, I found Preset gave me the best experience. (DAW seems to be buggy, like the knobs weren’t working properly).

Notice I am selected on Preset.

The best way to use the Oxygen Pro Preset Editor is to retrieve a preset from the Oxygen Pro first, modify it to how you want, then send that preset back into the Oxygen Pro.

In other words, load one of the presets from the Oxygen Pro into the Preset Editor, tweak what you want, then send the preset back into the Oxygen Pro.

Under File, select Retrieve Preset.

RAM loads the currently selected preset on the Oxygen Pro.

Selecting a preset loads a saved preset on the Oxygen Pro.

When saving a preset back into the Oxygen Pro, you must overwrite a Preset for it to be available.

If you send a preset to RAM, it’s only available until you turn off the Oxygen Pro.

Notice, this one is SENDING the preset (not retrieving like the image above).

Load a Preset on Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard

To access M-Audio Oxygen Pro Presets, simply hold PRESET button.

Use the “Push to Enter” knob to scroll and select a preset (pushing it down)

I suggest SAVING your preset as a backup!!

When sending a preset into the Oxygen Pro from the Preset Editor, you have to the option of overwriting a pre-existing preset (I personally overwrite the first one so it is convenient to select it).

And that’s it for how to use M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor.

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