In this episode, I talk to you about preparing yourself for the long-term as a music producer.

This music industry requires A LOT OF TIME and patience, which lately, many students of my platform have been trying to rush.

I break down three unique concepts in order to succeed and see results (in addition to my own personal story, which I shared in S1E1 [#001] of Music Production Made Simple):

  • Money
  • Time
  • Skillset

Money is the FUEL that buys us the time to make beats and practice.. Time is the ability to work without distraction and enjoyment while making music in our home studios, and Skillset is actually being able to make good music that you’re proud of.

My highest recommendation is to slow it down, and set your goals.. If you want to learn faster, then listen to S2E16 – See Results FAST While Learning Music Proudction.

Slow it Down!

My COURSE PATHWAYS is a proven strategy to learn the basics of music production in as little at 3 months! However, it’s impossible to truly learn all the secrets of beatmaking, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and sound design.. it literally takes a lifetime of learning.

As you start to learn beatmaking from scratch, you will see huge improvement over your time, but slow it down and I promise you will see much better results, with a much healthier mindset.

A goal to set is in 5 years you can start being pretty happy with your music.. for many of you that’s too long, you want it now, but truly look at your skills, listen to your music, and ask yourself… “Am I Ready?”..

The thing is, I’m being REAL WITH YOU.. but your goals and desires are driving you in a direction that is not normal or even obtainable.

You can reach your goals, but it will take time, patience, practice, and A LOT OF READING… (or hiring a team to work with you).

I hope you enjoyed this episode..

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