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FL Studio Help Guide

Access Windows "Sound Control Panel"

Best FL Studio Settings [Optimize FL Studio Performance]

The best settings for FL Studio to optimize performance is selecting an ASIO Driver, and disabling Windows Audio Enhancements for the best FL Studio audio settings.

How to Use Make Unique in FL Studio (Top Left of Pattern, Right-Click, then go Make Unique)

How to Use Make Unique in FL Studio

Make unique allows you to clone a pattern in FL Studio to give your beats variety fast. You need to have a paid version, as the demo version of FL Studio does not allow you to use make unique.

How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer in FL Studio Example Video

How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer in FL Studio

How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer in FL Studio (with an Example Video)

Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio's Browser by going Settings -> File -> and Remove Folder Path

How To Remove Empty Folders In FL Studio

How to remove empty folders from FL Studio’s browser. Just go to Settings -> File -> Browser extra search folders and remove the folder’s text, then close the Settings window!

How to Use the FL Studio Help Manual (Image Hotspots and CTRL + F Quick Search)

How to Use FL Studio Help Manual

How to use the FL Studio Help Manual for the best learning experience. We cover using F1 to access the FL Studio Help Manual, using Image Hotspots, and using CTRL + F to quick search for keywords.

New FL Studio Color Selector Tutorial

Using FL Studio’s New Color Selector [Color Palette]

How to use the new FL Studio Color Selector and Gradient Editor for a fast workflow in FL Studio to organize and color-code your sounds and patterns.


How to Unlock FL Studio from Trial Version

How to Unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version by using your Image-Line Account, or a .reg key (registry key file).


How to Make Drum Loops in FL Studio

Learn how to program drum loops in FL Studio for Beginners.. works for any genre like dance and hip-hop. You will learn how to make drum loops!

What is a ROMpler

ROMplers are preset-based virtual instruments (synthesizer) that allow beatmakers to select high-quality presets FAST, without knowing sound design, to focus on creating catchy melodies easily.

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