It’s really easy to make beats without a MIDI Controller in FL Studio.. using your PC Keyboard as a Piano is the best way to start making beats!

You can view my Favorite MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio

Use FL Studio Without a MIDI Keyboard
Play Computer Keyboard as Piano in FL Studio

The MIDI Keyboard used in the video is the M-Audio Oxygen Pro (See Review)

Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard

Here’s how to use your computer keyboard as a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio

In the top toolbar, there’s Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard:

Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard in FL Studio's Menu Toolbar
Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard
(Located Near the Transport Buttons).

With Typing Keyboard to Piano option enabled, you can press keys on your PC Keyboard as a Piano in FL Studio.

Personally, I liked using the QWERTY keys on your keyboard!

As I say in the video, when you’re first starting up, don’t worry about music theory and chords..

It’s more important for you to learn how to make beats in FL Studio, how the DAW works, and how a beat is actually put together. Once you understand those basics, then your next step is upgrading to a MIDI Keyboard.

But if you want to quickly play chords in FL Studio from a typing keyboard, there’s an easy option for that, too.

Play Chords in FL Studio from Computer Keyboard

To play chords of your typing keyboard, simply RIGHT-CLICK Typing Keyboard to Piano Keyboard button.. you’ll be presented with many keys, scales, and special options to play chords:

Enable Chords from PC Keyboard with Major Chordmap

Select Major Chordmap for major chords.

You’ll see if you press Q, it plays C Major from your PC Keyboard, for example!

Clicking in Notes in the Piano Roll (without a MIDI Controller)

I just want to state that another way to make beats is to simply use your mouse to click in notes.. but this article was all about using your computer keyboard as a piano in FL Studio.

You may like how to edit notes in FL Studio’s piano roll.

Wrapping Up: Use FL Studio without a Keyboard to Create Notes and Chords in the Piano Roll

Using FL Studio without a MIDI Controller is the best way to start.

I want to recap my steps for the best FL Studio experience:

  1. Get FL Studio [Learn the Best FL Studio Version to Buy]
  2. Buy a GOOD MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio (After you learn the basics)
  3. Try my FL Studio Courses to learn beatmaking FAST

If you have any questions, let me know!

I’m a FL Studio Trainer, and have worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated Artist!

And that’s How to Use Piano as a Keyboard in FL Studio (Without a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller)

Talk to you in the next FL Studio tutorial.