Piano for Producers Course!

The Original Piano Lessons for Producers Course!

Piano Lessons for Producers Course - Learn Piano for Beatmaking

Learn Improvisation and Powerful Melodies on Piano!

Originally released in 2017, this new edition goes more in-depth with piano for music production!

Learn improvisation as a producer, and discover how easy piano melodies becomes!

  • 28 Videos about Piano for Beatmaking
  • 4 Hours of Piano Video Training
  • Aimed @ Intermediate Producers

About the Teacher

(Piano for Producers & Beatmakers)

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) has been teaching beatmaking & music production since 2011!

He specializes in piano improvisation.

His Piano Lessons for Producers training reveals all he knows about piano for music production focused on chords, melodies, and improvisation!

Riley Weller (GratuiTous) - Recognized FL Studio Trainer

Improvisation is creating melodies on the fly.. spontaneously.. with no sheet music!


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My Piano for Beatmakers Story:

As a child, I took classical piano lessons, which I found so boring!

Reading sheet music.. playing other people’s music.. I was glad I quit!

Until I discovered beatmaking..

.. and noticed beatmakers don’t play piano like classical players!!

GratuiTous Buzz Cut as a Child

Here’s my free video about Beatmakers vs. Classical Piano Players

Piano Producer Tips were VERY Hard Find..

Every piano tutorial I found taught classical piano..

The tutorials would focus on reading sheet music.. or playing other people’s music..


I wanted to make my own beats from scratch..

And most importantly..

How piano related to making catchy beats and music production as a whole..

I knew piano was the secret of GOOD PRODUCERS..

..and couldn’t find piano training for producers anywhere!

But I eventually discovered the PIANO SECRETS!

Keep reading to find out how I learned secrets..

Here’s What Piano Producers Need to Know

Look, I tried the “classical piano route”.. it’s not what beatmakers need!

You won’t learn improvisation!

Improvisation allows for creativity and making melodies on the fly!

Riley Weller Piano Lesson Book Proof
Riley Weller Piano Lesson Book Proof

Classical players are AMAZING.. but understand, it’s not beatmaking!

Beatmakers NEED improvisation!

Making a beat is all about making catchy loops, that are SIMPLE.

I Wish I Knew Piano!!

I QUIT Piano!  ..and couldn’t have been happier..

But at 19.. I was introduced to beatmaking..

And my biggest problem was:

How to use white and black piano notes together?

I then realized.. I NEED TO KNOW PIANO!!

I kept making beats.. but this was holding me back..

You’ll now discover the REAL piano secrets..

One Day.. my neighbor reveals the PIANO SECRETS !!

It was literally a gift from the LORD.

I was on my driveway when a neighbor asked,

“What have you been up to, Riley?”

I explained I started to make beats, but couldn’t figure out the white and black notes..

She said she taught piano!  (I totally forgot!!)

I told her specifically I needed to learn how chords work.. and not reading sheet music..

She said knowing chords is how you IMPROVISE..

I couldn’t believe it!  We were on the same page!!

We made a deal for piano lessons @ $18/lesson!!

Riley Weller Price of First Piano Lessons Proof!
I still have the paper of our lessons learning keys and scales!!!

My life changed that first piano lesson..

She explained to me:

This is how the white and black notes work..

You need to pick a key and scale!

– My neighbor piano teacher

I couldn’t believe it..

In the first lesson, I was improvising on a piano..

(At a beginner level.. but I was on the right path!!)

That night I researched and wrote down all the major and minor keys.. I was truly learning the piano improvising secrets!

All Major and Minor Piano Scales for Beatmaking - CHEAT SHEET
This is the exact paper! They’re all in my piano book!

I realized knowing every key and scale was way more than a beatmaker needed to know..

So I just stuck with one or two..

(Which really made learning easier)

I was so grateful that day I met my neighbor..

All it took was 3 PIANO LESSONS!!

Having her made all the difference!

Now I just had to practice “5 minutes a day”..

Which I still do!! (Just 5 Mins a Day!!)

Are you ready to learn these piano secrets?

I’ll teach you just like my neighbor taught me! 👇

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Piano Lessons for Producers!
(Aimed at Producers & Beatmakers)


Ready to learn piano secrets for beatmaking?
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  • 28 Videos @ 4 Hours Long!
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  • Learn Improvisation on Piano!
  • Piano Training for Beatmaking

How do Producers Practice Piano?

I want to make sure we’re clear here..

To learn piano.. you must build MUSCLE MEMORY.

Only YOU can build your own muscle memory..

And this only comes from practicing piano properly.

My Piano Course teaches the knowledge.. but you must practice to build MUSCLE MEMORY..

Does that make sense?

That’s why basketball players always practice shooting hoops.. or why skateboarders practice ollies and kickflips!!

They build muscle memory so the task becomes natural!

You don’t need to practice for HOURS a day (we’re not classical piano players!)

Just 5 Minutes a Day, when practicing piano properly!

And.. My Piano Lessons for Producers Course will teach you HOW TO PRACTICE PIANO PROPERLY!

Once you see results with piano improvisation, you won’t want to quit!

I’m offering you the piano secrets to build muscle memory TODAY!

The Secret to Improvising on a Piano…

The secret is beatmakers need improvisation.

This comes from understanding how chords, notes, and melodies work on a piano.

Once you understand this basic music theory, it’s no longer a matter of how to create melodies..

It’s about choosing wise sound selection and matching the right melody to your beat.

There’s a difference between “guessing” what notes work, and knowing what notes work!

Once you understand Keys & Scales, you’re no longer guessing, and your creativity soars!

THEN you’ll be laser focused on making melodies that ACTUALLY match your beat!

Piano Lessons for Producers teaches how ALL this applies to music producers learning piano.

And because you get download access, you can easily re-watch anytime..

I can teach you!  But you have to put in the effort..

Piano Course for Producers
(Video Overview)

Piano Lessons for Producers Course

The easiest way to learn piano for music production.

Piano Lessons for Producers Course - Learn Piano for Music Production and Making Beats

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! This course is aimed at piano for music production to learn piano improvisation with both the left and right hands to create catchy melodies so you can program your MIDI Notes with confidence, and add multiple instruments so they are all in tune with each other!