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I’ve purchased these keyboards with my own money!

I personally look for a 49-Key semi-weighted midi keyboard with transport buttons which include the LOOP button (Play, Stop, Record, Forward, Back, and Loop.. a total of 6 transport buttons I like in FL Studio).

SO FAR… there’s only 2 I can recommend from personally buying, testing them out, then doing in-depth reviews on them which you can read under each section below (there’s a button).

It’s very important when you buy a midi keyboard that the review you’re watching is based on FL Studio (if you use FL Studio), as not all DAWs treat a MIDI Keyboard the same way.. you may like my article how to buy a midi keyboard.

Oxygen Pro 49 MIDI Keyboard Review [FL Studio]

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - STRAIGHT ON

The Oxygen Pro 49 is my current MIDI Keyboard.

If you use FL Studio, I have written a FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script to get the transport buttons set up good, and there’s also a premium Oxygen Pro User Preset for sale for FL Studio users.

Please note, this works GREAT for Windows users, but I have received reports on newer editions of Mac, that users were having troubles.

You can read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review [for FL Studio Usage]

Komplete Kontrol A49 Review for FL Studio

Native Instruments - Komplete Kontrol A49 - Midi Keyboard

The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 is a solid MIDI Keyboard.

My in-depth review is still coming… I’ve purchased it, and have played around with it (but haven’t had time to write up the review yet.)

Personally, I like the Oxygen Pro above.. but this one a good choice!

MIDI Keyboard Buying Tips and Resources

Now it’s important that you understand a MIDI Keyboard has no sounds in it by itself! We play the sounds inside our music program with VSTi’s (digital instruments) through “MIDI Messages”.

MIDI is standardized across all audio equipment you buy! (They even use MIDI for the fancy lighting at concerts!!!)

Nowadays, we just connect our MIDI Keyboard via USB.

Must Have Features in a MIDI Keyboard

  • Quality Semi-Weighted Piano Keys
  • Transport Buttons (Stop, Play, Record, Forward, Reverse, and Loop)
  • Good Drivers and Compatibility with FL Studio

Any MIDI Keyboard Can Work Good in FL Studio Now!

Finding a good MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio used to be so hard!

But FL Studio recently announced MIDI Scripting!

This allows us to set up ANY MIDI Device’s knobs, sliders, and transport buttons!

(Writing a MIDI Script is steep learning curve.. sometimes you can find pre-written MIDI scripts.. or here’s some useful information on writing your own MIDI Script. And yes, this fixes old MIDI Keyboards that didn’t work well in FL Studio before!!)

If you use the M-Audio Oxygen Pro, I wrote a free MIDI Script.. it’s on the Image-Line forum!

Conclusion: What are the Best MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio?

So those are my current best keyboards for FL Studio.

They’re fairly priced, have nice semi-weighted keys, and give a great user experience.

Do you have a question about FL Studio MIDI Keyboards?

Ask below in the comments!