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My Favorite VSTs for Music Production

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you purchase through my links.  My opinions are my own and 100% transparent!

*Note this page is being updated.

Here is a list of my current favorite VSTs.

I will also link to some other popular VSTs I see around the audio community.

The popular VSTs I see around I cannot recommend, but just suggest them to let you be aware of them!

Let’s get into my favorite instrument VSTs in this audio industry!

Serum by Xfer Records

Serum by Xfer Records has quickly become the most popular VST for audio production. (And has currently become my favorite VST!)

This VST uses wavetable synthesis, so you can simply drag in any sound and come out with some really amazing sounds!

Xfer boasts about its ultra clean output of the VST. This is shown in the YouTube walk through of the VST creator, Steve Duda. (Definitely watch that video!)

For more info, you can visit the product page of Serum!

Visit Serum Product Page.

Sylenth1 by LennarDigitial

Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital

Sylenth1 has been an amazingly popular plugin in this production industry.

And it’s also being actively worked on, too!

It just recently updated to version 3.0, and the skins look amazing! (As well as 64-Bit!)

I personally feel Sylenth1 is such a good beginners synth for learning.

This does not mean it’s not for advanced users though!

I’d definitely check out Sylenth1 to get you on your way!

I also have some free Sylenth1 banks for download!

View Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital

Harmor by Image-Line

I find myself using this VST for a lot of my riser SFX, as well as manipulating my drum loops in super cool ways!

You can actually drag an audio loop into Harmor, and it will replay it when you hold down a note.

Now you can adjust all the knobs/sliders, and totally mess around with the audio loop for a really powerful sound!

I’m actually really happy with Harmor – you should check it out!

View Harmor Product Page.


So that is a list of my favorite VSTS, as well as ones I’ve seen in the industry a lot!

Besides VSTs, I also create my own instruments using a single note I record from a real instrument..

I’ve shown this step-by-step in my Organic Beats Music Course.

Hope this VST reference guide helps you out 🙂

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