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  • The quick:

    • 60% Commission On GratuiTous’ Products
    • 50% Commission On Membership Products
      • HOT: Get 50% of Each Renewal While the Subscription is Active!!
      • LIFETIME is 40% (One Time Payment, No Subscription)
    • 25% On Third-Party Vendor Products in Store.

    Paid out monthly via PayPal!

    The long:

    With various product types and vendors, commissions vary.

    Non-Recurring Product:

    For GratuiTous’ products, you receive 60% commission.

    Examples of these products:

    • eBooks
    • Single course purchases (not membership)
    • Templates

    The affiliate portal shows you exactly how much you can earn for products inside.. it’s really easy to grab a link to share.


    Recurring Products:

    Recurring products are Membership Products (subscription products).

    Affiliates receive commissions on the first payment AND to renewals of that active membership subscription they referred

    EXAMPLE:  You refer a customer for Monthly Membership which is $29/Month.  You receive 50% of the first payment ($14.50) which activates the subscription.   You then receive 50% each time that subscription renews until the customer cancels their subscription.

    QUICK NUMBERS:  If you refer 7 membership sign-ups, you can make $101.50/Month!  It’s like creating your own passive income stream!  (GratuiTous’ beatmaking membership is world-class with over 30+ Beatmaking courses, focused on FL Studio, and has taught thousands.. If you are good at email marketing, this may be a good program for you).


    Third-Party Products:

    The webstore also sells selective products from trusted third-parties, called Vendors.

    Vendors always get their 50% commission.  For that reason, the Affiliate and GratuiTous split the remaining 50% evenly.

    Affiliates receive 25% commission on Third-Party Vendor Products.

    Example:  (Vendor = 50%, Affiliate = 25%, GratuiTous = 25%)


    Lots of Opportunity to Make Money:

    This beatmaking affiliate program offers tons of opportunity to generate passive with a variety of products available from FL Studio Courses, Beatmaking Books, Membership Subscription, and FL Studio Templates.

    Excluded Products:

    Please see the “Terms + Conditions” tab for excluded products of my making beats affiliate program.

  • This affiliate program is by approval only.

    Click the green “Apply Now” button above to apply.

    Each request will receive a response regarding approval status.

  • Welcome to my FL Studio Course affiliate program!

    If you have never heard of an affiliate program, you can make money by special links to products of the shop!

    This is a music production training affiliate program specializing in beatmaking training (while using FL Studio).

    Your affiliate account grants you access the affiliate portal which provides you special links to share with your audience.  If some one clicks a special link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you are credited the sale!

    EXAMPLE: Let’s say my Piano for Beatmakers Course is $39 (60% Commission!)

    If you sell 1 a day, you can generate $700+ a month!

    ($39 * 60% = $23.4 x 30 days = $702!)

    Some people are very good at marketing and selling products, and my brand is known for high-quality beatmaking education that is simple and to the point. is hosted on industry-standard webhosting, and is able to handle an influx of traffic to handle your hard work of sending traffic to my FL Studio Courses, and various Beatmaking Training Tools. 

    GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio trainer, with great reviews!  (Affiliate Package is included for assets).

    Click on the tabs to learn more about my FL Studio affiliate program.

  • This program rewards the affiliate.

    You make the sale, and that means a lot to me!

    Everything is transparent inside your affiliate dashboard.

    You are able to monitor your affiliate efforts:

    • Track Visits
    • See New Sales
    • Payout History
    • Affiliate Package [Brand Assets]

    What makes this FL Studio Course Affiliate Program awesome for affiliates?

    • Great Commissions
    • Recurring Revenue of your Referred Subscriptions!
    • Monthly Payouts
    • Exceptional Support

    And even more bonus incentives:

    Recurring Commissions:
    If you refer a membership sale, you keep earning on-going income as long as that subscription is active!  Amazing for passive income!

    First cookie policy:
    If you introduce someone to the GratuiTous brand, that is your reward if they purchase!  If another affiliate refers that same customer after you, no worries, you brought them first!

    90 day cookie policy:
    Generous amounts of time to capture the sale!  If a customer purchases within 90 Days you are rewarded the sale!

    Easy Affiliate Portal:
    This is an incredibly easy music affiliate program dashboard.. quickly grab products to link fast.. and track all activity of visits, sales, and your payouts.


    Tons of awesome opportunities!

    The goal of this affiliate program is quality, integrity, and partnership.

    There is major potential for lots of passive income to be made!

    If you think the GratuiTous brand can make you money, then submit an application through the “Apply Now” button above.

    Thank-you for your interest!

  • Customers have 30 days to return a product.

    To account for refunds and chargebacks, you will be paid the month after the sale to make sure the sale was successful!

    For example.. if you sold a course January 1, you’d be paid February 1!

    Everything is transparent, and can be tracked via your affiliate dashboard!

  • Reviews:

    Thanks for taking the time to roll these lessons out. Your instruction was great and the content was extremely relevant for me. ~ Graysen Walles

    I liked the premise of the class and I do feel like the content was very useful for me. I appreciated the way the subject would keep coming back to making beats and not getting too overly-involved with music theory stuff! ~ Tom Stevens

    It’s a very very informative course on how the use the mixer in FL Studio and of course in any other DAW. Riley knows absolutely what he’s doing and what’s he’s talking about. I’ve learned a lot of cool things although I’m recording already for a long time but since a year now using FL Studio, before I’ve used Cubase (an awful constantly crashing DAW) Cakewalk and Ableton. Now I’ve been using Ableton Live 10 and FL Studio which I like most of the two. I Highly recommend this course on everyone who records music. Riley is an excellent teacher !! ~ Lieuwe Leeftink

    Riley’s a good teacher and his music sounds interesting. I was looking for ways of improving arrangement and the course did give me interesting ideas. ~ Danilo

    Exactly what I wanted, Piano for producers. It mentions more advanced concepts for piano players but gets right back to the point of the class, which is Piano for making beats. ~ Luis Roman

    This course takes you through the small necessary details of learning piano and building up from that giving really great recourses to learn from and letting you take your time to understand. it was amazing 10/10! ~ BM _123

    Top quality and very educational, I have learned a lot with this classes. This teacher deserves more attention ! I recommend it at 150% !!! ~ Joe Smith

    I had very little music theory knowledge going into this class as an aspiring music producer. In 29 lessons over 4+ hours, the instructor gave me a framework for creating chords & melodies and building tracks that has me significantly more confident opening my DAW. These lessons are an awesome foundation to build on! ~ Jordan Reisner

  • My beatmaking course affiliate program includes an Affiliate Package:

    • Product Images to FL Studio Courses, FL Studio Books,  FL Studio Templates, etc.
    • Brand Images
    • Helpful text guide for how to use the platform quick

    My FL Studio Course Affiliate Program allows you to quickly copy special links (and medium quality product images to download), but if you need higher-quality product images, or brand assets of GratuiTous, that’s what the Affiliate Package provides you!

  • Next Level Affiliate Marketing:

    Do you have some type of incentive to entice the sale?

    For example, do you have a book, course, sound kit, or useful beatmaking product?

    Use this as leverage to help make the sale!

    You can say “If you join GratuiTous’ Membership with my special link, I’ll give you my product 100% FREE”.

    When the customer purchases, they’d receive an automatic email from me with your promised product!  (You have now just encouraged a sale with your bonus, while receiving affiliate commission!)

    This is a tried-and-true way of converting sales by throwing them a bonus.

    *Has to be setup by emailing GratuiTous your product, and preparing a game plan.



    Let’s say your affiliate username is John.

    John tells his audience, “If you purchase a Yearly Membership at GratuiTous with my special link, I’ll give you 5 of my sounds kits FREE! ($199 Value!)”

    If the customer purchases through John‘s link, GratuiTous’ website can send the special bonus promised (in addition to them joining the membership, and you receiving your affiliate commission)!

    EVERYTHING is on auto-pilot.  It can increase sales, and the customer receives everything they’ve been promised!

    Requires manual set up beforehand!  Contact me to set this up >>

  • Program Usage, Link Sharing, Keyword Bidding, and Promotion

    You can share my Beatmaking Course Affiliate Program’s links on your blog, social media, videos, and your email list.  You are also allowed to do paid advertising.

    You are not allowed to keyword bid on “GratuiTous” and “itsGratuiTous”. 

    Terms you could use for promotion are “FL Studio Courses”, “FL Studio Instructor”, “FL Studio Teacher”, “FL Studio Online Tutorials”, “FL Studio Online Classes”, etc.



    The GratuiTous brand name is built on transparency, honesty, and genuine relationships.

    This moral must be passed on from your brand when you are promoting any links to GratuiTous.  As such, there shall be no lying, false promotions, or sly persuasion to trick a customer into purchasing.


    Third-Party Websites and Similar Coupon Websites:

    You are not allowed to use your coupon or links on coupon-type websites.

    Public Forums:

    Please refrain from using public forums to promote the affiliate program.

    Excluded Products from Program

    Products not included in the affiliate program will be listed here.


    Account Termination

    If your affiliate account fails to bring in a sale in 90 days, GratuiTous reserves the right to close down your account.

    If there is just cause, GratuiTous reserves the right to terminate your affiliate account, without notice, as permitted by law.

    Thanks so much for your interest in my Affiliate Program for Beatmaking Courses, Beatmaking Books and Professional Music Production Education.


    Tips to Help Sales to Beatmaking Courses:

    Music Production Education is sometimes tricky to convert on first initial visit.. This is because the student has to understand that the music teacher is actually able to teach them the real-world skills a producer needs to know to make professional beats.  It’s important you warm-up the potential customer first, rather than just “linking to the site”.

    Example:  First make them be aware that GratuiTous is a FL Studio Trainer.. explain he has worked with a Grammy-Nominated Artist and specializes in melody and drum loop training for beatmaking.. You can then explain that GratuiTous runs a beatmaking membership focused on FL Studio with over 30+ Beatmaking Courses.  The platform is not training producers to become “famous and superstars”, but genuinely learning the secrets of music production and making beats while using FL Studio.


    Click “Apply Now” at the top of the page to join my music production affiliate program.