Today I interview Avandar for the second time, who’s been enrolled for over 12-months! (HE HAS COME SUCH A FAR WAY!)

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You can see so much more confidence this time around. His understanding of FL Studio and the terminology as he speaks is so rewarding to myself as an FL Studio Trainer.

Here’s a beat he sent me.. what an improvement.. good job Avandar!

Summer Tune by Avandar

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MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Avandar [Oct. 14, 2021]

Avandar has watched almost all 30 of my FL Studio courses!

(This just shows how much Michael wanted to learn how to make his own music with FL Studio.. and he did! I am so proud of him.. and I can teach you, too!)

What FL Studio Courses Took Michael to the Next Level?

Avandar said these three courses were tremendously helpful:

He also mentioned FL Studio Mixer Workflow was his favorite course.

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A Custom Music Folder is MUST Students Say..

Both Avandar and James from Member Interview #4 say my custom music folder allowed them to transfer their projects over to their new computer with EASE.. and it allows them to be organized.

Learn about my music folder course.

Wrapping Up the Interview

Michael, if you are reading this, thank-you so much for the interview. You are an amazing case study, as you put in the hard work to learn, practice, and achieve your goals of making your OWN MUSIC.. your own melodies and drum loops with one-shot drum samples… Congratulations!

Here’s one other beat from Avandar!:

Middle Man – Avandar

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