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MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Oct. 4, 2021 – Avandar

After 12-Months of being a member in my platform, this is my second interview with Avandar (who I called MDS in his first interview with me!)

If you are new to making music, watching this interview will prevent you from making MAJOR MISTAKES in your first 3 months of producing…

Avandar has watched almost all 26 of my FL Studio courses! That is an amazing achievement, and the progression and improvement he has made in this last year has been absolutely amazing. Here is one of his beats that he has sent me.. it’s absolutely incredible, don’t you think?

Summer Tune by Avandar

You see how important it is to learn CATCHY MELODIES? You first need to learn HOW TO CREATE A BEAT.. if you don’t, you will never progress into the producer you want to be!

These were all with his own melodies and one-shot drum samples like I always teach you!! 😁

Here is one other beat Avandar sent me:

Middle Man – Avandar

What FL Studio Courses Took You to the Next Level?

Avandar told me these three courses were tremendously helpful to getting passed that hard learning curve of music production, which allowed him to start making his own music from scratch in FL Studio, and actually understand the DAW in-depth and confidence:

He also mentioned that my FL Studio Mixer Workflow Course was his favorite course, and tied all of the other courses together.. because it’s where we combine all the knowledge of the DAW, the melodies and drum loops, and put them into the mixer and get to work!

Upgrading to a NEW Computer

This is the second time in the last two interviews where the student has upgraded their music production computer (which is very common for a producer 1-2 years in, as they realize their computer isn’t handling their growing projects, because they are improving!!)

Both Avandar and James from Member Interview #4 said that my custom music folder allowed them to transfer their music production folder over to their new computer with EASE.. and VERY LITTLE down time through the upgrade process.


Learn about my music folder in A Specific Music Production Folder course .

Wrapping Up the Interview

Thank-you so much Avandar for your kind words.. you are an amazing case study, as you put in the hard work to learn, practice, and achieve great success in your music.

Avandar recommends to ALL OF YOU.. follow my COURSE PATHWAYS PAGE..

You simply watch the courses in order.. don’t feel overwhelmed, you simply take it one FL Studio course at a time, and because each course will prepare you for the next course, the learning process is really easy.

You can watch all my other students interviews here.

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FL Beginner Course, FREE!

Experience my teaching style before purchasing a course!  Sign-up below, and I’ll give you my FL Studio Beginner Course FREE! (Reg. $29 Value!)

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