This website isn’t so much about fixing hardware, but my single channel strip was starting to fail, and it had a vacuum tube.

It was a serious problem on my FL Studio Podcast because my voice was starting to distort and cut out sometimes. I immediately thought it’s probably the tube!

I show how to replace the ART VoiceChannel vacuum tube.

More Pictures of the ART VoiceChannel Replacement Tube Model

The ART VoiceChannel required a 12AX7 tube, but make sure to read the manual yourself to confirm. (I won’t be held liable. These are not directions for how to do it, just showing my experience).

ART VoiceChannel Preamp Vacuum Tube Replacement 12AX7 Tube
ART VoiceChannel Preamp Vacuum Tube Replacement 12AX7 Tube

Surprisingly, the 12AX7 Tube was not very expensive!

One thing to say is there are various price ranges if you want really quiet recordings, but I purchased the mid-range, which seems sufficient. The ART VoiceChannel is back up and running good!

12AX7 Preamp Tube Pins
12AX7 Preamp Tube Pins

Conclusion: Tube Replacement was EASY and Successful!

One thing I learned from being an electrician was that you should never touch tubes or glass that heats up on lights because our fingers have oils on them.

These oils create burn spots, and cause premature device failure. That’s why I held the tube with the plastic wrapping for the best installation.

I also decided to purchase a solid state channel strip instead so that a failing tube will never be the problem again. It’s great to have this ART VoiceChannel as a second backup channel strip to get a solid microphone recording.

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